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Lauding Frances McSherry’s costumes for New Rep’s ‘Amadeus’

Frances Nelson McSherry

Given the period of New Repertory Theatre’s latest production, “Amadeus,” the sights and sounds that evoke a sense of time are as important as the dialogue and plot. Filling the stage against the famous aural backdrop of Mozart’s compositions, Associate Academic Specialist Frances McSherry has provided costume design that’s not only beautiful but capturing praise from the press, as well.

In his review for the Boston Globe, Don Aucoin writes, “Frances Nelson McSherry has attired the entire cast in sumptuous costumes, making this a consistently eye-catching production.”

The full review of “Amadeus” can be found at the Boston Globe.

“Amadeus” is currently playing at Watertown’s New Repertory Theatre and runs until May 19, 2013.