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Co-op experiences – Jacqueline Lasry

Jacqueline Lasry

Where: The Walt Disney Company Spain & Portugal

Position: Intern, Disney Character Voices / Voiceover Department

When: May 2013 – Mid-July 2013

When I got accepted at Disney to do a summer co-op in the Voiceover department, I was very proud and excited, but I didn’t know it would end up changing my vision for the future.

When I first started, it was as though I had just joined a tightly knit family that immediately integrated and trusted me. I was mainly assigned to create a glossary for every single “Disney Classic”, from Snow White to Wreck-it Ralph. This consisted in creating a file for each movie, in which I would insert the Original version and the Spanish voiceover version of all the character names, names of places, and any word or phrase that was important or relevant to the story line. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg. I also got to do voiceover control on some TV show episodes, as well as witnessing the process of recording and putting together the sound mix for the movie Planes.

My entire life, I always said I could never work in a company where I was required to be in an office.  I like doing something that is ever-changing, which is also the reason I first got into acting. This co-op helped me see that there are jobs out there that, despite being “office jobs,” offer infinite variety within the work. The structure is always similar, but the content and thought process of voiceover is unique to each movie, episode, or scene. Doing this co-op not only opened my eyes to different paths I can follow for my future, but also allowed me to make the connections that can help me open the doors to those paths.