2018 – 2019 Season

Each year, our department mounts six to eight productions offering more than 50 performances of classics and new plays, musicals and dramas, comedies and devised work. We invite the Northeastern community to experience diverse and dazzling theatrical events that showcase our outstanding students, faculty and professional guest artists.

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Directed by Jonathan Carr

Journey into the resilience of the human spirit. So many of us are reeling – from injustices, tragedies, and conflicts ranging from the personal to the global, from the momentary to the enduring. In this daring, original mash-up of contemporary drama, discover how theatre can illuminate the darkness. Free and open to the public.

September 21-22
Ryder Theatre Lab

by Paula Vogel
Directed by Dani Snyder-Young

Buckle up: it’s going to be a dark and dangerous ride. Li’l Bit takes you on a trip through her adolescence in the 1960s and her complicated relationship with her Uncle Peck. A compassionate, sometimes uncomfortable look at sexual awakening and how our lives are shaped by the people who hurt us. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

October 11 – 21
Studio Theatre

adapted by Carol Ann Duffy
Directed by Antonio Ocampo-Guzman

An imaginative new adaptation of the 15th century allegory transformed by rap poetry and 21st century theatricality. Everyman lives a life of uninhibited indulgence — booze, drugs, sex — until Death comes calling. To rescue his soul, he begins a fantastical quest through sight, sound, touch and taste and other dimensions of being human.

November 8 – 18
Studio Theatre


Take a trip to the unexpected. Experience a dozen different stories in one night of cutting-edge short plays that showcases the talents and visions of student directors. Chosen, acted and directed entirely by Northeastern students under the mentorship of Professor Janet Bobcean. Free and open to the public.

December 1
Ryder Theatre Lab

by Nöel Coward
Directed by Janet Bobcean

The classic high comedy about the low behavior of a deliciously malicious ghost. In 1940s England, Charles and Ruth Condomine host a séance with the eccentric psychic Madame Arcarti.  When Charles’ deceased first wife Elvira appears, she merrily sabotages his new marriage in this supernatural celebration of ectoplasmic love.

February 20 – 24
Studio Theatre

by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield
Directed by Darren Evans

Zounds! Can a company of actors perform all 37 plays and the sonnets in 90 minutes? London’s longest-running comedy is an irreverent, fast-paced, Bardacious ride that will leave you breathless with iambic laughter. Featuring outrageous improvisation, audience participation, and Hamlet in 43 seconds.

March 20 – 24
Ryder Theatre Lab

by Anton Chekhov
Directed by Guest Artist Igor Golyak

Chekhov’s masterpiece about a family’s unrealized dreams seen through the lens of the social upheavals that shook 19th century Russia. Irina, Masha, and Olga long to return to the happiness they knew as children in Moscow. Through their journey of love and loss, laughter and tears, they come to discover the meaning of home.

March 28 – April 7
Studio Theatre