Why choose theatre at Northeastern?

The traditional models for a university theatre education are either a talent-based conservatory or a liberal arts education. But what if you want a different experience? At Northeastern, you’ll get a strong foundation of artistic knowledge and experiences while you develop an understanding of the dynamic range of possible careers in the theatre. You’ll see how a theatre education can serve you in a range of future paths. Our curriculum invites you to explore diverse techniques so you can develop a creative process and philosophy that are uniquely your own. Complemented by all the global experiential resources of Northeastern University, the Department of Theatre offers an intimate community of caring, creative people.

What kind of students are we looking for?

At Northeastern, we are looking for students who want to explore the many facets of being a theatre artist.

  • Our students are talented, intellectually curious, self-motivated, ambitious, fearless, and generous. They want the full array of experiences that a large urban university like Northeastern offers.
  • Our students are multi-dimensional. They might be primarily interested in acting, but are also interested in discovering design, explore directing and playwriting, or considering a career in arts administration.
  • Our students are interested in making and studying a wide spectrum of theatre – Shakespeare, musicals, modern classics, and new plays.
  • Our students take advantage of the City of Boston where they can see great theatre and study with professional actors, directors and designers.
  • Our students want to begin to develop their professional identity and their resume while in college. Our professionally active faculty, guest artists, and co-op program make that possible.

But will I be able to get a job in the theatre?

Theatre was invented in ancient Greece. If it weren’t a viable career, it wouldn’t still be around today.

Through Northeastern’s famed co-op program, you can discover a variety of creative fields within the theatre – and ways in which theatre training positions you for success in many other creative fields.  Through co-op, you can work in Boston and New York City, across the U.S. and internationally. You can gain real experience as a performer and production assistant; work for casting directors and literary managers, and assist with marketing and fundraising – jobs you perhaps didn’t know existed.  Our alumni work on Broadway, in regional theatres and opera companies, and in television and film.

Helpful facts

  • You can be cast your first semester.
  • We produce a musical every other year.
  • We offer opportunities to study theatre abroad in London and Paris.