This minor is designed for students with an interest in experiencing theatre as ideas, connecting theatre and creative writing, and understanding human behavior and psychology as captured by the written word. Students can select a personalized path of study to explore a range of diverse and innovative plays, playwrights, dramatic theories, forms, and movements spanning from Ancient Greece to today.

The Dramatic Literature and Human Experience Minor combines courses from the Department of Theatre with additional choices from the departments of English, communication studies, and media and screen studies.

Foundational Requirement

THTR 1101 Introduction to Theatre (4 SH)

Choose three:

Two of the three electives must be selected within the theatre curriculum.

ENGL 1600 Introduction to Shakespeare (4 SH)

COMM 1511 Communication and Storytelling (4 SH) 

THTR 1220 African-American Theatre (4 SH)

THTR 2300 Theatre History: Greek Tragedy to Romanticism (4 SH)

THTR 2315 Rebels of Modern Drama (4 SH)

THTR 2320 Pioneers of American Drama (4 SH)

THTR 2325 From Script to Stage (4 SH)

THTR 2330 Playwriting (4 SH)

THTR 2335 Boston Theatre Experience (4 SH)

THTR 2400 Theatre and Society (4 SH)

THTR 2500 Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women and Theatre

CINE 3389 Screenwriting (4 SH)

NOTE: For theatre majors, Introduction to Theatre may be double counted within the existing theatre requirements. Three additional courses are required to complete this minor (for a total of six dramatic literature courses).