This program of study has grown from steadily increasing student enthusiasm in fashion history and costume design courses offered by the Department of Theatre.  The primary focus of this new minor is on the context, culture, and practices of the fashion industry.  This minor will appeal to students whose interests lie in fashion marketing, fashion journalism, fashion photography and fashion and textile technology.

As a prominent global industry, fashion offers employment opportunities in a wide variety of areas.  This new minor allows Northeastern students to identify, analyze, demonstrate, and communicate how the evolving and highly competitive fashion industry functions artistically, socially, historically, economically, ethically, and culturally in a global market.  Courses in this minor include opportunities for design thinking and collaborative maker activities as well as the development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Required Courses

4 courses = Total: 16 SH

Foundational Requirement: (4 SH)

THTR 1236 Introduction to Global Fashion Studies (4 SH)


THTR 1237 Introduction to Global Fashion Studies Abroad (4 SH)


Choose two: (8 SH)

THTR 1230 Evolution of Fashion and Costume (4 SH)

THTR 1235 Fashion and Costume Design in Film and Television  (4 SH)

THTR 1233 Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Fashion in Europe  (4 SH)

THTR 1240 Fashion Industry and Trend Forecasting in Europe (4 SH)

THTR 2242 Fashion Retailing (new course) (4 SH)

THTR 2385 Fashion Construction and Pattern Making (4 SH)

THTR 2550 Mass Media & the Fashion Industry in Europe (4 SH)

THTR 3350 Fashion Marketing & Merchandising in Europe (4 SH)

ANTH 3xxx Clothing, Fashion and Power (new course) (4 SH)

ARTE 4901 Special Topics in Art & Design Studio- Fashion Photography (new course) (4 SH)


Choose one (or one additional course from the list above): (4 SH)

ARTG 1250 Design Process: Context and Systems (4 SH)

ARTG 2260 Programming Basics (4 SH)

THTR 2380 Costume Design (4 SH)

ARTD 2350 Photo Basics for Non-majors (4 SH)

JRNL 3425 Public Relations Principles (4 SH)

COMM 3445 Public Relations Principles (4 SH)

COMM 3451 Advertising Practices (4 SH)

COMM 5255 Visual Communication Culture (4 SH)

JRNL 5310 Photojournalism (4 SH)


NOTE: Additional courses will be added to the minor as they become available.