Whether you are speaking at a meeting, engaging an audience, pitching a new idea, or energizing your team, effective presentation skills are essential to professional success. This dynamic, interdisciplinary minor is designed to help you become a more confident, creative, and compelling communicator. Uniting the acting training of theatre with practical techniques of communications studies, develop an individualized course of study that will empower your voice and speech, cultivate your “on stage” persona, and develop high impact presentation skills to enhance your career prospects.

Requirements: 4 courses = 16 SH


From the Department of Theatre, choose two classes:


THTR 1125 – Improvisation for Entrepreneurs

THTR 1127 – Improvisation for Entrepreneurs Abroad (Dialogue of Civilizations)

THTR 1130 – Introduction to Acting

THTR 1135 – Introduction to Acting Abroad (Dialogue of Civilizations)

THTR 1160 – The Professional Voice

THTR 1165 – The Professional Voice Abroad (Dialogue of Civilizations)

THTR 2345 – Acting for Cameras


From the Department of Communication Studies, choose two classes:


COMM 1112 – Public Speaking

COMM 1113 – Business and Professional Speaking

COMM 1210 – Persuasion and Rhetoric

COMM 1511 – Communication and Storytelling

COMM 2402 – Presentation, Style, and Professional Communication