Fall 2017 Courses

Theatre at NU THTR 1000 – CRN 14942
Intended for freshmen in the College of Arts and Sciences. Introduces freshmen to the liberal arts in general; familiarizes them with their major; helps them develop the academic skills necessary to succeed (analytical ability and critical thinking); provides grounding in the culture and values of the University community; and helps them develop interpersonal skills—in short, familiarizes students with all skills needed to become a successful university student. Prereq. Freshman standing; theatre majors and cinema studies/theatre combined majors only.
Taught by Frances McSherry.
1:35-2:40 W
No Course Evaluation, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access

Introduction to Theatre THTR 1101 – CRN 10514
Reveals the dynamic world of theatre by exploring the artistry, ideas, and techniques of actors, designers, directors, and playwrights. Goes behind the scenes in the study of theory and literature with both in-depth discussions and in-class performances. Includes a survey of significant movements in theatre history and analysis of diverse plays from contemporary drama. No theatre experience required.
Taught by Jonathan Carr.
10:30-11:35 MWR
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, NU Core Arts Lvl 1, UG

Acting 1 THTR 1120 – CRN 10358
Focuses on the development of fundamental performance techniques and various significant acting methodologies needed by an actor to develop stage presence, strengthen the imagination, and increase freedom of expression. Studies, analyzes, and interprets contemporary texts through the performance of monologues and scenes. Prereq. Theatre majors and combined majors only.
Taught by Antonio Ocampo-Guzman.
1:35-3:15 TF
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access 

Improvisation THTR 1125 – CRN 14023
Introduces students to theatre improvisation principles through games, exercises, and readings. Offers a playful and rigorous environment for students to respond to unexpected situations with confidence and agility. In this experiential studio course, students participate in group and individual exercises that explore and practice creative impulses, adaptability, risk taking, intuition, and teamwork. Culminates in a self-reflection paper. Prereq. Not open to theater majors.
Taught by Jesse Hinson.
1:45-1:25 WF
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NU Core Arts Lvl 1, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design 

Introduction to Acting THTR 1130
Introduces techniques that awaken the creative mind, body, and spirit of the actor. Through theatre games and voice/movement exercises, offers students an opportunity to explore and develop skills used by actors in preparation for a role. Students rehearse and perform scenes from contemporary plays. Designed for non-theatre majors; previous stage experience welcome but not required.
Taught by Jesse Hinson, Samantha Richert and Jonathan Carr.
11:45-1:25 MR (CRN 10356)
9:50-11:30 TF (CRN 10354)
2:50-4:30 MW (CRN 12365)
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, NU Core Arts Lvl 1

The Professional Voice THTR 1165 – CRN 15718
Provides students across disciplines with techniques to enhance the quality of the spoken voice and improve clarity of expression in both professional and interpersonal interactions. Offers methods to release tensions that inhibit the clear communication of thoughts and ideas. Focuses on physical and vocal exercises drawn from acting technique and the direct application of these skills to various texts. Includes regular vocal exercises outside of class, readings, and self-reflection in writing. Proficiency in spoken English is required. Prereq. Non-theatre majors only.
Taught by Samantha Richert.
1:35-3:15 TF
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NU Core Arts Lvl 1

The Eloquent Presenter THTR 1170
Designed to help students to enhance the effectiveness with which they present themselves in front of an audience. Uses the application of theatre training exercises and practical tools to offer students an opportunity to improve the quality of their spoken voice, the clarity with which they articulate their ideas, and their ability to command the attention of audiences in diverse interpersonal and professional interactions. Prereq. Restricted to students in the College of Computer and Information Science.
Taught by Samantha Richert, and Part-Time Faculty.
9:50-11:30 T (16676 or 18039 )
11:45-1:25 T (16677 or 18040 )
2:50-4:30 R (16674 or 16675 )
UG Col of Arts, Media & Design

Activism and Performance THTR 1215 – CRN 18041
Explores the intersection of theatre, politics, and social transformation by studying and experiencing the work of activist theatre artists in both traditional and nontraditional forms, such as docudrama, ritual, dance, street theatre, and community-generated performance. Examines the texts, theories, and practices of international theatre artists committed to ethical reasoning, social change, peace building, human rights, and community empowerment. Culminates in the creation of an original activist performance.
Taught by new Theatre Faculty.
1:35-3:15 TF
NUpath Ethical Reasoning, NUpath Interpreting Culture, NU Core Arts Lvl 1, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access 

Introduction to Global Fashion THTR 1236 – To be available soon!
Fashion is a major global industry. The worldwide apparel market is valued at $3 trillion, employs over half a million people outside the US and 1.8 million in the US. Fashion is not only big business, it also touches each one of us in a very essential way every day. It is a vital mode of personal expression. This course offers students an overview of the most significant and relevant theories on fashion and focuses on the cultural significance of clothing and style. It examines the intersection of fashion and other areas of study including the arts, history, economics, business, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. It explores global issues of gender, race, class, identity, image, style, material culture and sustainability and examines the ways in which these issues connect and intertwine through the lens of fashion.
Taught by Frances McSherry.
9:50-11:30 TF

Introduction to Theatrical Design THTR 1270 – CRN 10350
Introduces the principles of contemporary theatrical design and how to apply the creative process to scenery, costumes, and lighting. Offers students an opportunity to discover how design concepts are developed and relate to each other through research, script analysis, color theory, and visual composition. Seeks to develop the student’s capacity for collaboration and techniques for conceptualizing a play into a multidisciplinary work of art. No theatre experience required.
Taught by Frances McSherry.
1:35-3:15 TF
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, NU Core Arts Lvl 1, UG Col of Arts

Fashion Retailing (online course) THTR 2242 – To be available soon!
An introduction to fashion retailing including: the analysis of the different types and sizes of fashion retail operations, physical site location including omnichannel, store layout and design, advertising and display, relation of the store to its intended target market, and store organization. The course will also include identifying and evaluating the ethics in the successful operation of a fashion retail business.
Taught by part-time faculty.
Online only.

Rebels of Modern Drama THTR 2315 – CRN 17453
Investigates groundbreaking classics by modern European playwrights (1890s–1950s) such as Henrik Ibsen, Anton Chekhov, August Strindberg, George Bernard Shaw, Bertolt Brecht, and Samuel Beckett. Reveals how these social and literary rebels broke with tradition and created new forms of theatre. Examines their significant works as literature, history, and performance, as well as their relevance today. Includes written and oral analyses of plays as performances and the creation of an original play or work of visual art.
Taught by Scott Edmiston.
9:50-11:30 TF
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design

From Script to Stage THTR 2325 – CRN 12001
Offers students an opportunity to develop the skills and techniques used by professional theatre artists to analyze a script and awaken the essence and meaning of a play in preparation for production. Examines structure and form, characters and action, symbols and metaphors, and the historical and social context in case studies of classic and contemporary plays.
Taught by Nancy Kindelan.
2:50-4:30 MW
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access 

Acting 2 THTR 2342 – CRN 14946
Continues THTR 1120. Focuses on developing the actor’s sense of truth and emotional freedom. Emphasizes creating, developing, and sustaining character and developing ensemble. Includes monologues and scenes performed for classroom analysis. Prereq. THTR 1120; theatre majors and combined majors only.
Taught by Marianna Bassham.
11:45-1:25 MR
UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access 

Acting for the Camera THTR 2345 – CRN 15719
Explores the craft and methods used by actors while working in front of the camera through monologues, scenes, and group projects. Provides students with techniques to identify and free their performance energy with a foundation on relaxation and authenticity. Includes the study and analysis of acting styles in diverse genres of film and television from situation comedies to dramas. Students explore a range of on-camera skills and acting techniques and apply them in filmed final projects.  Previous acting experience suggested but not required.
Taught by Dennis Staroselsky.
11:45-1:25 MR
UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access 

Lighting Design THTR 2370 – CRN 14943
Examines basic principles and practices of stage lighting including the qualities and functions of light, lighting instruments and controls, use of color and directionality, and script analysis for lighting design elements. Students develop foundational skills and practice systematic reasoning in the programming and operation of lighting computer equipment. Through group projects and individual lab work, students create and execute lighting designs. Includes work on electrics crews for university productions.
Taught by Part-Time Faculty.
2:50-4:30 MW
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Formal/Quant Reasoning, NU Core Math/Anly Think Lvl 2, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access

Voice and Speech THTR 2600 – CRN 18043
Seeks to enhance the quality and power of the actor’s voice with a focus on the clarity, vitality, and eloquence with which they communicate themselves on stage. Following the pedagogy known as Freeing the Natural Voice, developed by Kristin Linklater, sessions provide a progression of physical and vocal exercises that free the habitual tensions and inefficiencies that block the clear communication of emotional and creative impulses. Offers students an opportunity to apply voice and speech training to diverse texts comprised of drama, poetry, and original writing. The goal is a free, healthy, confident voice that fully expresses the actor’s individuality and commands the attention of an audience. Prereq. THTR 1120 and THTR 2342.
Taught by Antonio Ocampo-Guzman.
9:50-11:30 TF
UG Col of Arts, Media & Design

Musical Theatre Performance THTR 3570 – CRN 17454
Applies acting technique to the performance of songs and scenes from the musical theatre canon. Students integrate acting, singing, and dancing through character development. Analyzes and interprets Broadway musical classics and contemporary musical theatre forms by artists such as Rodgers and Hammerstein, Stephen Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown, Jeanine Tesori, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Culminates in a student showcase of solo, small ensemble, and large ensemble excerpts from musicals. Prereq. THTR 1120 or THTR 1130.
Taught by Ilyse Robbins.
11:45-1:25 WF
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design 

Capstone Rehearsal and Performance THTR 4702 – CRN 11416
Please Note: Contact department for registration approval. Requires students to research, prepare, and perform either a substantial acting role, a design assistantship, a dramaturgy, a stage-management position, or other position of responsibility for a departmental production. Also requires an intensive-writing component enabling the synthesis of the theoretical, analytical, and artistic aspects of theatre production. Prereq. Junior or senior standing.
NU Core Capstone, NUpath Capstone Experience, NU Core Writing Intsv in Majr, NUpath Writing Intensive, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access
ST: Senior Career Seminar THTR 4880 – CRN 17998
Prepares theatre majors to define their personal career goals and creative ambitions and to develop individualized strategies for success. Students survey potential career paths in areas such as acting, design, stage management, tech/production, marketing, fundraising, literary management, and education/community outreach. Examines diverse employment and organizational structures of non-profit theatres from fringe to Broadway. Includes weekly seminars, discussions, and role-playing with faculty and theatre professionals on a range of topics such as casting/auditions, design portfolios, and professional networking. Restricted to seniors; juniors by special permission.
Taught by Part-Time Faculty.
1:35-2:40 W