Introduction to Theatre THTR 1101 – CRN 30531

Reveals the dynamic world of theatre by exploring the artistry, ideas, and techniques of actors, designers, directors, and playwrights. Goes behind the scenes in the study of theory and literature with both in-depth discussions and in-class performances. Includes a survey of significant movements in theatre history and analysis of diverse plays from contemporary drama. No theatre experience required. Taught by Jonathan Carr.

10:30-11:35 MWR

NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, NU Core Arts Lvl 1, UG


Improvisation for Entrepreneurs THTR 1125 – CRN 34063

Introduces students to theatre improvisation principles, games, and exercises. Offers a playful and demanding environment for students to recognize and develop their “soft skills” and to learn to read and react to unexpected situations with confidence and agility. This is an experiential studio course—sessions are comprised of a series of cumulative group and individual exercises to explore and practice spatial awareness, physical presence, mental agility, creativity, adaptability, risk taking, intuition, and teamwork. Using the required reading as a starting point, a final self-reflection paper gives students an opportunity to articulate their discoveries, their challenges, and their strategies. Prereq. Not open to theater majors. Taught by Jesse Hinson.

1:35-3:15 TF

NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NU Core Arts Lvl 1, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design 


Introduction to Acting THTR 1130

Introduces techniques that awaken the creative mind, body, and spirit of the actor. Through theatre games and voice/movement exercises, offers students an opportunity to explore and develop skills used by actors in preparation for a role. Students rehearse and perform scenes from contemporary plays. Designed for non-theatre majors; previous stage experience welcome but not required. Taught by Jesse Hinson, Samantha Richert and Jere Shea.

2:50-4:30 MW (CRN 30530)


9:50-11:30 TF (CRN 30529)


11:45-1:25 WF (CRN 36015)

NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, NU Core Arts Lvl 1


Technical Theatre 1 THTR 1131- CRN 34958

Surveys the technical and stagecraft skills that are essential knowledge for all theatre professionals. Offers students an opportunity to develop a hands-on understanding of the areas of scenery and costume construction, production management, stage management, sound engineering, and lighting. Covers the practical skills needed to participate in the creation, evaluation, and revision of a theatrical production in this laboratory-based course through participation in crew work for department productions. No previous theatre experience is required. Taught by Janet Bobcean.

1:35-3:15 TF

NUpath Creative Express/Innov


The Professional Voice THTR 1160

Designed to help students across disciplines enhance the quality of their spoken voice and the clarity and urgency with which they express themselves. Offers students practical tools to improve their voice and speech in interpersonal interactions, based on the book Freeing the Natural Voice by Kristin Linklater and elements of the Alexander Technique. Offers students an opportunity to learn how to free the habitual tensions, holding patterns, and inefficient uses that block the clear communication of thoughts and feelings. Focuses on the development of physical and vocal exercises and the direct application of these skills to various forms of texts. Students are expected to practice the exercises and to do a fair amount of preparation work outside the studio. Prereq. Non-theatre majors only.

Taught by Samantha Richert and Antonio Ocampo-Guzman.

11:45-1:25 MR (CRN 37774)


9:50-11:30 TF (CRN 35712)

NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NU Core Arts Lvl 1


The Eloquent Presenter THTR 1170 –CRN 37295

Designed to help students to enhance the effectiveness with which they present themselves in front of an audience. Uses the application of theatre training exercises and practical tools to offer students an opportunity to improve the quality of their spoken voice, the clarity with which they articulate their ideas, and their ability to command the attention of audiences in diverse interpersonal and professional interactions. Prereq. Restricted to students in the College of Computer and Information Science.

Taught by Samantha Richert, Christi Barb, and Jere Shea.

11:45-1:25 M (CRN 37295 or CRN 37296)


2:50-4:30 M (CRN 37297 or CRN 37298)


9:50-11:30 T (CRN 37299 or CRN 37300)


11:45-1:25 T (CRN 37301 or CRN 37302)

UG Col of Arts, Media & Design


Fashion and Costume Design in Film and Television THTR 1235- CRN 37821

Examines the role of costume and fashion design in media, from the movies of the Golden Age of Hollywood to the latest high-tech motion pictures to the most recent cable miniseries. Studies the history and social contexts of clothing in media, as well as the critical role of fashion in relation to the narrative, i.e., how it enhances the mood and propels the dramatic action of the production. Uses illustrated lectures, critical thinking and writing, and a major experiential component to focus on how/why clothing is worn, how fashion design and costume design intersect, and how we can understand the economic and cultural realities of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries through the shifting trends of fashion. Taught by Frances McSherry.

2:50-4:30 MW

NUpath Interpreting Culture, NU Core Arts Lvl 1, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design


Movement for the Actor THTR 1260 – CRN 37290

Explores movement techniques that enhance the actor’s expressiveness, performance energy, and body awareness. Offers students an opportunity to experience diverse movement training theories such as Suzuki, Alexander, and Laban and synthesize them in the creation of an original ensemble-based performance. Focuses on physical exercises and processes that strengthen the body; enliven the imagination; enhance concentration; and improve flexibility, balance, relaxation, and posture. Seeks to empower actors to externalize the emotional and imaginative inner experience and maximize stage presence and power. No previous movement or acting experience required. Taught by Jesse Hinson.

11:45-1:25 WF

UG Col of Arts, Media & Design


Introduction to Theatrical Design THTR 1270 – CRN 37287

Introduces the principles of contemporary theatrical design and how to apply the creative process to scenery, costumes, and lighting. Offers students an opportunity to discover how design concepts are developed and relate to each other through research, script analysis, color theory, and visual composition. Seeks to develop the student’s capacity for collaboration and techniques for conceptualizing a play into a multidisciplinary work of art. No theatre experience required. Taught by Janet Bobcean.

11:45-1:25 WF

NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, NU Core Arts Lvl 1, UG Col of Arts


American Onstage: Dramatizing the Dream THTR 2320 – CRN 37288

Explores significant American stage works from the 1920s to the 1980s. Investigates the pioneering playwrights who reflected and reshaped American identity, such as O’Neill, Miller, Williams, Hansberry, Albee, Shepard, and Wilson. Includes concurrent developments in theatre history and performance. Taught by Scott Edmiston.

9:50-11:30 TF

UG Col of Arts, Media & Design


Playwriting THTR 2330 – CRN 34956

Offers a collaborative workshop environment for developing dialogue, scenes, and one-act plays. Analyzes the dramatic techniques of modern masters as well as acclaimed contemporary playwrights. Culminates in the development of original one-act plays and a presentation of workshop scripts by professional actors. Taught by Joyce Van Dyke.

1:35-3:15 TF

NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Interpreting Culture, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design


Boston Theatre Experience THTR 2335 – CRN 34760

Offers a comprehensive experiential survey of professional theatre today. Students attend Boston-area productions that reflect a diverse range of styles and aesthetics, with special emphasis on the creation of new plays. Through preparatory readings and lectures, combined with post-play critical assessments (oral and in writing) and interactions with theatre artists (playwrights, actors, directors), offers students an opportunity to examine and discover how to interpret the art of contemporary theatre in the United States, from fringe companies to Broadway, as audience members and aspiring artists. Requires attendance at plays outside of class time. Taught by Bridget K. McKenzie.

2:50-4:30 MW

NUpath Interpreting Culture, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design


Theatre and Society THTR 2340 – CRN 37294

Covers several great practitioners of theatre. Focuses on how social behavior influenced the thought and craft of playwrights, actors, directors, designers, and theorists as well as how society was influenced by drama and theatre. Emphasizes how the play’s ideas are translated into performance. Uses video, discussion, and live performance, when possible, as integral elements to the course. Taught by Nancy Kindelan.

10:30-11:35 MWR

NUpath Interpreting Culture, NUpath Societies/Institutions, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design


Viewpoints THTR 2346 – CRN 37289

Engages actors with an innovative technique that draws upon rigorous physical training exercises and practice in the nine areas of actors’ concentration known as Viewpoints. Creative improvisational sessions provide an intuitive and dynamic approach to acting. Culminates in the application of Viewpoints to new scripted works. Prereq. THTR 1120 or THTR 1130. Taught by Jonathan Carr.

11:45-1:25 MR

UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access


Lighting Design for the Stage THTR 2370 – CRN 37292

Examines basic principles and practices of stage lighting including the qualities and functions of light, lighting instruments and controls, basic electricity, color in light, and analysis of the script in terms of light requirements. Expects students to develop light plots and schedules for various kinds of stage productions. Includes lab work on lighting crews for University productions. Taught by Karen Perlow.

2:50-4:30 MW

NUpath Creative Express/Innov, NUpath Formal/Quant Reasoning, NU Core Math/Anly Think Lvl 2, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access


Scenic Design THTR 2400 – CRN 37291

Introduces the theory and practice of theatrical design and the role of the designer in the production process. Through project work, examines the use of graphics tools—line, form, balance, color, rhythm, and so on—in the development of the design idea. Emphasizes understanding and utilizing spatial relationships; visually expressing conceptual themes; and understanding the various uses, problems, and practical considerations of proscenium, thrust, and arena staging. Prereq. THTR 1270 and sophomore standing or above. Taught by Janet Bobcean.

11:45-1:25 WF

NUpath Creative Express/Innov, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access


Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in Theatre THTR 2500 – CRN 37934

Surveys a wide range of dramatic forms, gender theories, and distinct theatrical techniques used by women artists to reveal larger social issues and encourage activism. Examines how the plays’ socio-cultural contexts represent female playwrights’ diverse views of identity as well as their cultural, ethnic, racial, and geographical experiences. Identifies how women as artistic leaders are perceived and received by society and the industry. Analyzes why the issue of gender equity in theatre remains unresolved. Taught by Nancy Kindelan.

11:45-1:25 WF

NUpath Difference/Diversity, NUpath Interpreting Culture, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design


Capstone Rehearsal and Performance THTR 4702 – CRN 30048

Please Note: Contact department for registration approval. Requires students to research, prepare, and perform either a substantial acting role, a design assistantship, a dramaturgy, a stage-management position, or other position of responsibility for a departmental production. Also requires an intensive-writing component enabling the synthesis of the theoretical, analytical, and artistic aspects of theatre production. Prereq. Junior or senior standing.

NU Core Capstone, NUpath Capstone Experience, NU Core Writing Intsv in Majr, NUpath Writing Intensive, UG Col of Arts, Media & Design, Ryder Hall Access


MUSC 2150 Making a Musical: Analysis, Craft and Creation MUSC 2150 – CRN 37956

A new course for musical theatre minors and other interested students. How are great musicals constructed?  What tools does one need to build a musical?  This course will explore these questions, focusing on how effective lyrics are built, how songs function in musicals, and how book writers, lyricists, and composers adapt works from other media to the musical theater stage.  Throughout the semester students will transform analytical techniques and discoveries into creative strategies, building short musicals in collaborative teams.  Students need not be musicians to participate in this class.  Aspiring actors, composers, lyricists, authors of all styles, technical theater artists and designers, and all those with a curiosity about how musicals are made are strongly encouraged to enroll.  Class culminates in the staged reading of short student-written musicals. Taught by Allen Feinstein.

11:45-1:25 MR