Admissions Auditions & Portfolios

Thank you for your interest in the College of Arts, Media and Design. Determining where to spend the next few years of your life is no easy mission, but we’re here to help make the application process as simple as possible. Below are the necessary steps to ensure that your application is in the right hands and ready for review. But first—we recommend visiting campus to see all that CAMD has to offer.


Spring 2020 Open Houses

We are delighted to welcome you to visit our department and discover first-hand what it’s like to be a theatre student at Northeastern at our Spring Open Houses on Friday, March 20, 2020 or Friday, April 3, 2020. You’ll have the opportunity to visit classes, meet faculty and students, attend a casual info session (with pizza) and see one of our Spring productions. You can choose to come for the whole day or just the parts that interest you – please fill out the form and select your interests below. Once you submit the form, we we send you more detailed information and campus directions.


9:30am – Welcome Coffee and Pastries

9:50am–11:30am – Class Visits
Class Preview:               Improvisation, Professor Jesse Hinson
Class Preview:               Acting 3, Professor Antonio Ocampo-Guzman
Class Preview:               Fashion in Film & Television, Professor Frances McSherry

11:30pm–12:15pm – Q&A/Info Session

12:15pm–1:30pm – Meet the Community/Pizza Lunch

1:35pm–3:15pm – Class Visits
Class Preview:                 Introduction to Design, Professor Oliver Wason
Class Preview:                 Movement for Actors, Professor Jesse Hinson
Class Preview:               Intro to Global Fashion, Professor Frances McSherry

3:30–4:00 pm – Info Session on Co-op with Kellianne Murphy, Theatre Co-op Advisor


8:00pm – The Wolves [Friday, March 20 only]
8:00pm – She Kills Monsters [Friday, April 3 only]

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Auditions for the theatre major are not required, but are encouraged. You may audition in person on campus or submit a video audition as part of your application. Because we are not a conservatory, your admission to Northeastern is not exclusively talent-based. But auditioning can help to enhance your admissions profile and increase your merit-based financial aid if you are accepted.

  • If you attend an in person audition, you do not need to submit a video audition through the online application.
  • The reverse is also true: if you submit an online audition, you do not need to come in person.
  • In person and online auditions are treated the same – one is not weighted more heavily than the other.

Please prepare up to 3 minutes of material: either one single monologue or two contrasting monologues, whatever you think best showcases your abilities. In either case, your monologue selections should be no longer than a total of 3 minutes in length. We recommend that you select contemporary monologues and only do a classic piece if that is your particular strength or interest. Choose pieces that have meaning to you; we are looking for honesty and a strong commitment to what you are doing.


Campus Auditions

On campus auditions will be held in November 2020 (exact dates TBA). To sign up for an audition slot, please email Jesse Hinson: At Northeastern, we’d like to offer you an audition experience that faithfully reflects our department’s commitment to collaborative theatre making.  We also want to provide you with the opportunity to confidently showcase your best work.  Therefore, you and a handful of other prospective students will participate in a group warm up session prior to your audition. Please note that if you apply for Early Decision or Early Action (deadline November 1), you can still audition in person even though the audition dates are after the application deadline.

The schedule of both days is as follows:

Group A

9:45a: Arrival

10-10:15a: Group Warm-up

10:20-11:30a: Individual monologue presentations

11:30a-12p: General Information Session – families invited to participate


Group B

11:15a: Arrival

11:30a-12p: General Information Session – families invited to participate

12-12:15p: Group Warm-up

12:20-1:30p: Individual monologue presentations


Video Auditions

Students who cannot attend campus auditions may submit an audition video using Slideroom as part of their application. The audition requirements are the same and they are treated the same as on campus auditions.


Design/Production Portfolios & Additional Materials

Designers and stage managers are invited to submit examples of their work online using Slideroom or visit campus to show us examples of your work. Find out more at CAMD undergraduate portfolios. To schedule an in-person portfolio review, contact Frances McSherry at

What if you’re not an actor or are interested in acting and other aspects of the theatre as well?

Your work offstage and in the classroom are important.  You can use Slideroom to share a range of academic and creative accomplishments.  For example:

  • design sketches, ground plans and light plots,
  • photos of design work, scenic painting/construction, costumes or props you designed or built
  • prompt books and/or stage management paperwork
  • one-act or full-length plays you’ve written
  • research papers and dramaturgical packets
  • theatre reviews or essays analyzing dramatic literature
  • visual design collages or Pinterest mood boards
  • related projects in video/film, music, art and design

At Northeastern, we are interested in learning more about all of your creative dimensions.

If you have questions about submitting portfolio materials in Slideroom, please contact Janet Bobcean at:


The Campus Audition and Welcome Days

The audition sessions will begin with check-in and refreshments in the Theatre Department offices. Faculty and current students will be on hand to share information about our program and answer any questions you may have. After check-in, Group A applicants will be brought to the audition room for the group warm-up. After the group warm-up, your monologues will be seen at your scheduled time. Group B applicants will attend the information session first, followed by the group warm-up and then monologues.

You can expect the entire process to take about two hours.

Audition Advice

We recommend that you select contemporary monologues that are appropriate to your age and with which you can easily identify (though do feel free to ignore the gender of the characters). If you are drawn to an older play or a play in another language, consider a contemporary translation or adaptation. You are not required to perform a classical piece, so only perform verse (Shakespeare, etc.) if you feel confident doing so.

If you choose your piece from a monologue book, please be aware that many other actors may have also and your choice, as a result, may be overdone. Make sure you have read the whole play from which you chose your monologue; we may wish to discuss it with you at your audition.

Finally, remember we are most interested in seeing who you are in the audition. We want to see you reflected through the characters you play and the pieces you perform.


Visiting Boston?

If you are staying overnight in the Boston area and would like to attend one of our fall department productions, email Darren Evans at We’ll set you up with complimentary tickets for your whole family (subject to availability).

The college offers monthly First Friday information sessions throughout the year. Please visit Northeastern Undergraduate Admissions to register.