Production Auditions

Fall 2022 Production Auditions

Auditions for Department productions are open to all Northeastern students.  All students are welcome to audition.  BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ students will find roles that respect their lived experiences.  Each auditioner will be considered for all roles and we will shape our specific character identities, backstories, and relationships collaboratively based on the many casting possibilities our auditions are sure to present.

Please reach out to Production Coordinator Stephanie Hettrick with any questions about auditions.



Written by Naomi Iizuka 

Directed by Greg Allen

First Rehearsal:  September 13

Performances:  October 13 – 23


Production Synopsis by Greg Allen:

We meet our characters at the outermost edge of a city, a way stop for dreamers, dealers and desperadoes, a no-man’s land where runaways seek camaraderie, refuge and escape. Serpentine routes from the street to the heart characterize the interactions in this spellbinding tale of young people pushed to society’s fringe.  Informed, as well, by interviews with young prostitutes and street kids, Polaroid Stories conveys a whirlwind of psychic disturbance, confusion and longing. Like their mythic counterparts, these modern-day mortals are engulfed by needs that burn and consume.  Their language mixes poetry and profanity, imbuing the play with lyricism and force. The casting for this production will reflect the universality and diversity of the play’s themes.



Written & Directed by Erica Terpening-Romeo


First Rehearsal:  October 3

Performances: November 10 – 20


Production Synopsis by Erica Terpening – Romeo:

At Thornbrooke Academy for Troubled Girls, a private reform school for teens in the New England countryside, the students live a life of restriction and disempowerment. But things change one morning when nine students decide to take their punitive teacher hostage, and take control of the “auxiliary classroom” trailer. In this tiny space they claim for themselves, the girls are able to throw off the strictures of Thornbrooke and exercise their own agency. But there’s one major problem: there’s no wifi, and nothing on the other side of that door but punishment for their crimes. So they decide to pass the time by rehearsing Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, the only book in the room with enough copies to go around. Over the course of the next week, they camp out in their strange, cramped little kingdom, and grapple with justice, sex, leadership, and power through the pages of a problem play.


All students are welcome to audition. BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ will find roles that respect their lived experiences. Each auditioner will be considered for all roles and we will shape our specific character identities, backstories, and relationships collaboratively based on the many casting possibilities our auditions are sure to present.



  • Auditions are open to ALL Northeastern Students.
    • Majors will be able to sign-up beginning August 22nd.
    • Minors may sign-up beginning August 25th.
    • All other NU students may sign-up beginning August 29th.
    • Any changes or additions made to the sign-up after 4pm will be made with Stage Management in person at auditions.
    • Anyone who has not filled out a form online by 4pm will need to fill one out in person at auditions (please don’t be that person).
  • You will check-in with Stage Management in RY 372 before your audition.
  • Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled audition. If you are not present when we are ready for you, you will be skipped and fit into the next available spot.

DATE: Wednesday September 8th
TIME: Beginning at 6pm


  • Two contrasting monologues lasting no longer than 2 minutes total. One must be from a classical work (Shakespeare or Greek) and one from a contemporary work written after 2000.
    • For students who are not theatre majors, audition material does not have to be memorized. Prepared reading is okay.
    • Theatre Majors are expected to arrive to all Open and Call Back Auditions fully prepared in accordance with the outlined requirements of the audition. This includes, but is not limited to, reading the production texts completely, thoroughly memorizing material, and completing necessary documentation.

DATE: Friday September 9th
TIME: Beginning at 6pm

  • Call back auditions will be scheduled by the directors directly following the open auditions. If you have any scheduling conflicts for the call back auditions, please include them on your information sheets and notify stage management.
  • Please check the call board in Ryder 448 on Friday September 9th for more information and audition sides.
  • Casting will be announced no later than 12pm Monday September 12th via posting in the Department of Theatre Office (RY 448) and on this website.

RY 334:  Problem Play

  • Callbacks will consist of group work of 4 – 5 people and then paired work of 2 people using sides from the play. Sides will be available ahead of time, closer to audition

STUDIO THEATRE: Polaroid Stories

  • Callbacks will most likely consist of a group callback in small sessions using text/scenes from the script. 

More information about the productions can be found on our 2022-2023 Productions Page.

Auditions for Spring 2023 Productions will take place in January 2023.  Please check back here in December for more information.

Department of Theatre Casting Policy

Northeastern students of any major and year of study are invited to audition for theatre department productions. Students are cast based on the actor’s skill, experience, and qualities suitable for a given role regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or national origin. All department casting follows university guidelines pertaining to equal opportunity and supports the Actor’s Equity Association vision to encourage more equitable and authentic representation onstage by promoting diversity, gender parity, and inclusion.


Looking for a little advice about how to choose monologues, how to prepare, or what to do in the audition?  Try here: Audition Advice. Also feel free to reach out to a faculty mentor.


For additional information about auditions, the 2022-2023 season, or anything else, please contact:

Stephanie Hettrick
[email protected]