Production Auditions

Spring 2022 Production Auditions



Written by:  Annie Baker

Directed by:  Jonathan Carr

Performances:  March 2 – 6

Production Calendar

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Perusal Script


Written/Composed/Co-Directed by:  Elizabeth Addison

Co-Directed by:  Meghann Perry

Performances:  March 31 – April 10

Production Calendar

Character Breakdown/Show Info

Perusal Script

Audition Materials

About the Production

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  We were overwhelmed and excited by your talent and enthusiasm!  Below is information for Call Back Auditions for Thursday January 20th.  Please reach out to Stephanie Hettrick [email protected] with questions.

*Casting will be announced no later than 5pm Friday, January 21st via posting on the callboard in the theatre offices and on Department of Theatre Office (448 Ryder Hall) and on the Department of Theatre Website.



Date:  Thursday January 20th

Time:  Beginning at 5:00pm


            Antipodes:  Studio Theatre (Curry Student Center)

            This is Treatment:  Ryder Theatre Lab (334 Ryder Hall)

The Antipodes – Callback List (Studio Theatre)

For the callback, you will be working in groups with stories from the script as the text.  Read through the story options HERE and pick the one that speaks to you the most.

Don’t worry about which character is which; you can play with any story. A few of the stories are quite long, so you can read the whole story for context but then select a short section that is no longer than 1 minute.  You don’t need to memorize the story but spend some time with it and prepare to tell the story in a group setting.  Jonathan is quite excited to see how you make it your own (without changing the words other than skipping any interrupting lines and making cuts where necessary).

You will be called in groups. Please note the time for each. Callbacks are today, January 20th and will be at the STUDIO THEATRE where auditions were held. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: To accept your callback invitation, you must fill out the form HERE.
We are trying this to replace having to go in person to initial to accept your callback.

Group 1 – 5:30pm

Group 2 – 6:40pm

Group 3 – 7:50pm

Ansh Kewalramani Anna Macek Arielle Greenspan
Carla McDonough Brenna Thornton Ashley Lyon
Christelle Girimana Catherine Giorgetti Erin Rosenfeld
Erin Devereux Emily Rosakranse Halle Brockett
Grace Campbell Ethan Kjersgard Mara Steed
Mitra Sharif Noah Braunstein Meredith Lineman
Mollie Parkinson Peri Griffiths Meryl Prendergast
Tony Weissinger Sabrina Chevlin Sydney Love
Theo Hamm
Vidisha Agarwalla


This is Treatment – Callback List  (RY 372 & 334)

For those listed below, the callback material you need to prepare is shown. You will find sheet music, melody tracks, and accompaniment tracks for each song below. Access to that is found HERE. Some of the specific characters aren’t listed, but you can still find the songs under other folders. You should be familiar with the song assigned to you by the callback.

You should also be prepared to work with your fully memorized audition monologue for the acting section of the callback.

Finally, there is a movement section at the beginning of the callbacks. You are expected to wear comfortable clothes and be either barefoot or with socks.


The schedule of the callback is:

5:00 pm: warm-up (In RY 372, where you signed in for the auditions)

5:30 pm: movement

6:30 pm: singing/monologue (In RY 344, where you auditioned)

9:00 pm: end of day

IMPORTANT: To accept your callback invitation, you must fill out the form HERE.
We are trying this to replace having to go in person to initial to accept your callback.

Actor Name:

Role Called Back For:

Callback Material to Prepare:

Mer Brown Tessa Saved my Life
Madi Vespa ensemble How
Ashley Dilorenzo Kelsey How
Mara Steed Cece Who Could it Be
Halle Brockett ensemble How and I See
Erin Rosenfeld ensemble ASL any part of Calls Out to Ya
Annaliese Fagan Grace How
Sarah Waggoner Anita How
Ashley Lyon ensemble How
Amelia Carlan ensemble How
Mischa Moxey Tanesha Who Could it Be
Jada Saintlouis ensemble How
Vidisha Agarwalla Ms Caroline Ms Caroline’s Pull-Up
Tiana Mudzimurema Sheri I see
Pavithra Rajesh Tanesha Who Could it Be
Isabelle Roberts ensemble How


More information about the productions can be found on our 2021-2022 Productions Page.

Department of Theatre Casting Policy

Northeastern students of any major and year of study are invited to audition for theatre department productions. Students are cast based on the actor’s skill, experience, and qualities suitable for a given role regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or national origin. All department casting follows university guidelines pertaining to equal opportunity and supports the Actor’s Equity Association vision to encourage more equitable and authentic representation onstage by promoting diversity, gender parity, and inclusion.


Looking for a little advice about how to choose monologues, how to prepare, or what to do in the audition?  Try here: Audition Advice. Also feel free to reach out to a faculty mentor.


For additional information about auditions, the 2021-2022 season, or anything else, please contact:

Stephanie Hettrick
[email protected]