New & Noteworthy Programs

At CAMD, we’re always looking for new ways to grow—for emerging patterns in our professional fields, untapped interdisciplinary links, and bold avenues to teach, learn, and engage with the world. From course offerings to Dialogue of Civilizations destinations, there’s always something different to explore. Take a look.


Develop your singing technique using the repertoire of Broadway classics and contemporary musicals. Focuses on acting the song and vocal health. Culminates in an original musical theatre cabaret. Prerequisite to Musical Theatre Performance 2 to be offered Fall 2019. NUpath: Creative Express/Innovation.

Explore the immersive process of creating a contemporary “living newspaper” examining today’s social issues and questions. Discover this pioneering form of documentary theatre that explores innovative civic engagement through theatrical images. NUpath: Creative Express/Innovation.

Explores significant dramatic texts that have shaped and expressed the changing nature of LGBTQ identity. Readings, viewings, lectures, and discussion focus on noteworthy queer plays as literature, history, cultural documents, and performance as seen through the lens of contemporary queer theories and knowledge. Analyzing these texts for their relevance to society and our lives, students evaluate and explore a range of topics including sexual identity, gender identity, religious and political views on queerness, the evolution of LGBTQ culture and communities, drag performance, homophobia, assimilation, appropriation, and coming out. Students who do not meet course restrictions may seek permission of instructor. THTR 3200 and WMNS 3200 are cross-listed.