NUin Theatre

The study of theatre at Northeastern embraces a global perspective. Each year, 10-15 outstanding theatre majors are specially selected, often on the basis of their audition or design portfolio, to spend their first fall semester studying internationally in locations such as London, Montreal, Sydney, and Dublin. NUin Theatre creatively engages young theatre artists in global experiential learning. NUin students have a high level of artistic potential in addition to their academic merits.

  • NUin students have the opportunity to explore some of the world’s greatest theatre cities.
  • All coursework counts towards your Northeastern undergraduate degree.
  • While some locations offer theatre courses as well, we recommend that you take NUin courses that fulfill your core academic requirements.
  • Make sure to reach out to your Academic Advisor and/or the Undergraduate Coordinator to maximize your opportunities. For example, NUin might be a great place to begin to explore a few minors.
  • Upon arriving in Boston in January, your first campus semester will offer a full roster of theatre courses, typically Introduction to Theatre, Acting 1, Tech Theatre 1, and an elective of your choice such as Playwriting or Movement for the Actor or Musical Theatre Performance. You will join an NUin alumni community of over 6,500 students and take classes with other NUin theatre students and other first-year theatre majors.

NUin Theatre students return from their time abroad more intellectually curious, ambitious, reflective, and independent. Here’s what Rosa Procaccino ’18 had to say about her NUin experience:

“I was an NUin student, and we have many others in the theatre department. I had an amazing time even though it was something I hadn’t originally imagined for myself. Here are two questions that are often asked about the program:

Was it difficult or exciting to study internationally?
Well, both. I guess all new places can be bit scary at first, but the opportunity to experience a different culture was also inspiring and transformative. NUin helped me to grow past my comfort zone in so many ways, and Northeastern provided incredible support systems for me. I always felt safe, supported, and connected to a community.

Was it hard to arrive on campus in January?
Not at all. It might be for some majors, but theatre people are different. Everyone is very welcoming, and they reach out to the NUin students right away to make sure they feel at home. Theatre people are like one big family.

I loved being a theatre major at NU. It’s really a place where you can choose your own adventure. And your dramatic adventure may begin somewhere around the globe.”

Time spent traveling the world can be thrilling, but it’s not right for everyone. Before making your decision, remember to gather the information you need by visiting our campus, speaking with some NUin Theatre alums or faculty and evaluating your own feelings about studying abroad. To learn more about NUin, visit: