September 21-22 at 8PM
Ryder Theatre Lab
Free and Open to the Public.

Curated and Created by the Company
Directed by Jonathan Carr

Dramaturg: Kaley Bachelder
Assistant Director: Desiré Lynn Bennett

Cast: Kaley Bachelder, Amanda Brea, Kaitlyn Fiery, Kate Franklin, Matt Hosking, Verena Calista Irawan, Ivy Caithlin Kee, Carla Mirabal, Rebecca Morris, Gates Schneider, Megan Warshofsky, and Shira Weiss

Stage Manager: Jenna Goldberg
Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Nafz


Journey into the resilience of the human spirit. So many of us are reeling – from injustices, tragedies, and conflicts ranging from the personal to the global, from the momentary to the enduring. In this daring, original mash-up of contemporary drama, discover how theatre can illuminate the darkness. Reeling features scenes from contemporary plays and original compositions by the company.