At CAMD, we take pride in providing students with the care and resources needed to succeed. From health and safety to housing and diversity resources, we’re committed to making you feel at home while you pursue your path.

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Housing & Residential Life

The Northeastern campus has a variety of housing options for first-year students, each made to provide the best living experience for every student.

The Department of Residential Life consists of a team of full-time professional staff, graduate students, and undergraduate student leaders who have dedicated themselves to creating a safe and inclusive residential environment for students.

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Health & Safety

Northeastern is committed to making the campus a safe and pleasant place to learn, work, and live. We offer numerous programs and services aimed at promoting the health and safety of all students, including:

Disability Resource Center (DRC)
Northeastern has a long-standing commitment to support students with disabilities or who are deaf or hard of hearing, enabling them to participate fully in the life of the university.

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A number of cultural centers on campus support our community by providing programs, lectures, and events for students of all walks of life. These centers include:

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Dining On Campus

Meal plans at Northeastern allow you to choose between a variety of dining halls offering an array of choices. Kosher, halal, vegetarian, and vegan options are available.

All new students living on campus are required to participate in the Resident Dining Meal Plan. Freshmen and transfers are automatically assigned to a 15-meal plan, although other arrangements can be made after your arrival on campus. Commuter students and students living in off-campus apartments may also participate in any traditional meal plan or the profiler plan.

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Student Clubs & Organizations

Whether you want to start your own business, play in a music ensemble, or host a radio show, clubs and organizations are a fantastic way to make your CAMD experience your own by doing what you love, both in and out of the classroom.

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