Workshops & Events


The Media Studios resources are highly interconnected and as CAMD’s students and faculty continually explore new methods of technological engagement, we continue to build the Media Studios to respond to the needs of an innovative and interdisciplinary college of arts, design, and communications.

Our workshops focus on the technical aspects of:

• Designing, developing, and integrating new forms of software, user interfaces, immersive and interactive tools and experiences, and integration of perceptual, social, biometric, and environmental data.

• Development of physical prototypes and products, functional and representational, related to experimentation, coursework, research, and entrepreneurship.

• Project creation, communication, and documentation, utilizing camera, video, audio, and lighting equipment, and collaborative and interdisciplinary practice.

Workshops are currently limited and by reservation only due to COVID Protocols. For more information on workshops, please see the booking calendars on our individual lab and studio pages:

New Technologies Labs
Production Studios
Media Center


The Media Studios organize events with faculty and industry experts to discuss the interplay between technological advancements and their work. In line with the Visions of Northeastern University and the College of Arts, Media, and Design, these discussions are centered around humanics– the integration of technical abilities, data evaluation, and human disciplines (creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, empathy, and cultural agility).

Our Humanics in Media & Technology Series examines the work of Rick Anderson, Director of Virtual Worlds and Games Research and Immersive Design (GRID) group at Rutgers University, Phyllis Klein, Co-Founder of Fab Lab DC, and Rob Jaczko, Chair of Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music:

The New Uncanny Valley
Humanics, Fab Labs, and Collective Response
Eliciting Emotions Through the Use of Technology

Special thanks to CAMD faculty Jason Donati, Benjamin Caras, and Doug Bielmeier for moderating!