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Center for Communication, Media Innovation & Social Change

As the newest center within the College of Arts, Media, and Design, CCMISC is a research, teaching and communications hub that applies a four-pronged approach (experimentation, creation, intervention and preservation) to disrupt historically dominant power structures in media and communication.

Led by Dr. Meredith D. Clark, an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Department of Communication Studies, CCMISC counts faculty and graduate students among its members, and welcomes individuals from Roxbury and surrounding areas to join its Community Advisory Council. CCMISC also welcomes interest from local residents and Northeastern students, faculty, and staff across the globe.


CCMISC is guided by three statements of core values:

  • Collaboration and collective inquiry
  • Work that is historically informed and futuristically oriented
  • Projects defined as audacious experiments

During the 2023-24 academic year, CCMISC will lead programming crafted around the theme of “Care & Repair.” This theme puts CCMISC’s values in dialogue with work about restorative justice, feminized labor, and critical care infrastructures. Our theme is also designed to help members identify connections among individual projects and offer a shared frame of reference for the CCMISC community’s work for the academic year.

CCMISC will continue to fulfill our values through the establishment of the community advisory board, the further development of a community-centered communication grant program, keynote events in the fall and spring, and a series of monthly “Critical Conversation” panel events to connect graduate students with the change-makers & communicators within their advocacy fields of focus.

Center members are engaged in an array of individual and collective projects, including an investigation of how news media erases women from its visual narratives; a study on the impact of efforts to diversify food journalism; the preservation of Black digital culture, and the creation of an audio storytelling training program designed to equip young women in the Boston area with skills to write, edit, and produce their own narratives.

Meet the Team

Center for Communication, Media Innovation & Social Change

Meredith Clark

Founding Director, Associate Professor

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