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Pushing the boundaries of creativity

At the College of Arts, Media and Design, you'll find a community of makers, collaborators and thinkers ready to break down the walls of traditional disciplines. We take on today's most challenging questions using experiential learning, interconnecting disciplines and a creative research approach to spark true innovation.

The schools and departments that make up CAMD


The schools and departments that make up CAMD

Find Your Program The schools and departments that make up CAMD

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Ready to become a CAMD student? Choose from certificate, undergraduate, graduate or PhD programs in a wide range of subjects and combined majors.


A unique combined 
major program

Students can incorporate all their interests into a unique learning experience by combining programs within CAMD and with other colleges at Northeastern.

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Physics + Music + Music Technology

Utilize a physics and music technology combined major to learn how physical principles influence sound production and propagation.

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Theatre + Cultural Anthropology

Combine theatre, performance, design and production, with sociocultural theories and conceptual frameworks for understanding human behavior.

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Environmental Science + Landscape Architecture

Collaborate with the marine and environmental sciences and landscape architecture departments to learn basic environmental science and landscape architecture-related disciplines.

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Design + Behavioral Neuroscience

Apply an understanding of cognition to the design of data visualizations, interactions, devices and experiences.

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Media + Screen Studies + Philosophy

Integrate an understanding of traditional and emerging media with the study of questions and theories about morality, society, religion and the natural and social sciences.

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Journalism + Computer Science

Understand how journalism now takes place, not just in print but also in the digital world, especially on the internet.

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Learn through experience

We offer a range of programs to help students dive headfirst into their chosen fields and adapt to new cultures abroad. See what experiential learning looks like at CAMD.


Co-op program

Our co-op program allows you to explore potential career paths between semesters of academic study. Longer and more in-depth than a typical internship, you can gain up to 18 months of professional experience at a co-op as an undergraduate, in the U.S. or abroad. You also learn new skills, develop contacts and get insights that prepare you for a lifetime of personal and professional growth.

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Global learning opportunities

Faculty-led global learning is a transformative element of the Northeastern academic experience, providing students the opportunity to study abroad, work for an international company, perform service projects in foreign countries or conduct research on a global scale. Our students develop a deep understanding and appreciation of their host countries and come away from their experiences with a fresh perspective on the world at large.

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