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Art + Design

Students learn to chart their own course into a dynamic and multifaceted professional landscape through expressive engagement with the broader world and the exercise of personal agency and vision through their chosen medium. We provide students with both an abiding conceptual framework and a mastery of practical skills in design and media art through engagement with emerging techniques and technologies and a commitment to the highest level of craft.

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Art + Design delivers the ideal experiential education – one that transforms talented and dedicated students into multidimensional professionals equipped with the skills to succeed in a world that continues to change and challenge.

Dietmar Offenhuber

Chair, Department of Art + Design


Divisions within Art + Design


Students in the Division of Design learn to apply the principles of design thinking to a host of problems they see in the world. Whether it’s graphic design or data visualization, this division offers a range of programs and combined majors that aim to innovate practically.

Division of Design       

Creative Media

The Division of Creative Media is where you can explore every corner of your interests from gaming and animation to video and media arts. Here, play is an integral part of your everyday, and creativity is the catalyst for change.

Division of Creative Media       

Design Your Path

From graphic design to game design, you can find a program where you can play and explore.

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Undergraduate Programs

Our hands-on, interdisciplinary approach, coupled with a truly unique and exciting learning environment, primes students for success in any corner of the professional landscape of visual artistry and integrated design.

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Graduate Programs

From incisive data visualizations to “serious” game design for health and security, our faculty and students pursue a rich array of interdisciplinary academic experiences, creative enterprises, and professional endeavors. Earn an MS, MFA, or Graduate Certificate in these areas and take your career to the next level.

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Unique Combined Majors

Prepare for an ever-changing future by choosing one of 20 combined majors. Combine a background in design with architecture, mathematics, music or the humanities to become a multidisciplinary creator.

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