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Undergraduate Advising

Academic Advising and Cooperative Education, in 100 Meserve Hall, is a good first place to go for any kind of academic concern.


We are committed to providing students with the assistance they need, whether it be through advising in our office or by making a referral to the appropriate university resource. Our goal is to help students navigate the university and to support them in attaining academic and cooperative education success. The specific academic support services and programs offered are briefly described below.

Northeastern students advising

All College of Arts, Media and Design students have:

The mission of CAMD Academic Advising is to provide a welcoming and student-centered environment in which we work collaboratively with students on cultivating their skills in making informed decisions, developing self-reliance and building confidence as they explore their creativity through opportunities afforded by CAMD.

  • a professional academic advisor
  • a faculty mentor, located in the student’s major department or program
  • co-op coordinator (for students who participate in the co-op program)

BS in Architecture

Architectural Studies, Landscape Architecture, and combined majors

Art + Design: Design and BFA Studio Art

Art + Design: Design combined majors

Art + Design: BA in Art

Art + Design: Media Arts and Media Arts Combined majors

Communication Studies

Game Design and Journalism

Music and Theatre

Student Persistence Specialist

CAMD Exploratory Advisor

Advising Directors


Advising FAQs

Student Advisory Board (SAB)

The Student Advisory Board is composed of six student volunteers, one from each of the schools and departments that make up CAMD. The SAB was instituted in the fall of 2011 as a mechanism for the college to receive student feedback. Our members:

  • Advise the Dean regarding strengths and challenges within the college.
  • Provide feedback to the Dean regarding CAMD initiatives.
  • Serve as liaisons with other students and represent student perspectives.
  • Take an active role in soliciting input from other CAMD students.
  • Become an agent for creating a supportive culture in CAMD.
  • Identify agenda items for board meetings.
  • Generate an annual report for the Dean regarding strengths and challenges.

During the academic year, the SAB will meet every three weeks in the fall and spring semester. Dates may be adjusted to accommodate holidays. Students are eligible to become a member of the SAB after they are nominated through department chair and faculty recommendations as well as consenting to serve on the board in accordance with the duties and required meeting times.