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Since its founding as a consortium of departments and schools across creative and communications fields, CAMD has become much more than the sum of its academic parts. Today, we are a community defined by exploration and impact; a home to foster discovery and investigation; and a place where imagination is translated into meaningful change.

Elizabeth Hudson, Ph.D.


Our Mission

We are a vibrant community of creators, designers and communicators working together to harness data and emerging technologies to advance human potential and solve the challenges of the future.


Our Vision

Across CAMD, we believe that the fields of design, communication, media and the arts are crucial to culture, society and human experience. We empower the next generations of students, researchers and creative practitioners to create the future by sparking their innovation, creativity, curiosity, and entrepreneurship.



What we value

We are transforming the academic and research landscape of our disciplines through interdisciplinary collaborations, based on foundational pillars that evolve as we grow.

Design for Experience

We engage with the reality of human experience through innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to design. Learn how we apply design for the greater good, from building apps to support teen mental health to improving the experience of aging.

Communication for the Future

We explore emerging forms of digital media and data-driven communication across an array of diverse disciplines. Work with award-winning faculty to learn powerful skills for leadership and innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape, from data journalism to game science.

Creativity for Innovation

We define creativity in groundbreaking ways, embracing connections between artistic practices, innovation, technology, and research. Engage with creative practices to drive innovation across disciplines, and even harness new technologies.

Technology and New Media

We foster experience, connection, and communication within local and global communities. Join a global network of faculty, students, and researchers building the future of connectivity in traditional and social media and virtual reality.

We are

Global learning


We work to solve global challenges through local community partnerships across our network.


We are a welcoming community striving to build a sense of belonging and increase access to opportunities for everyone.


We build the future of technical literacies, data and human interactions.


We forge connections between our core subject areas and areas like health, science, technology, sustainability and community engagement.


We advance fields through interdisciplinary engagement, applying fundamental skills in innovative ways to create new disciplines.

Where we excel


Where we excel

Where we excel

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