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Theatre and Computer Science, BS

The computer science and theatre combined major is ideal for creative students who love technology as a means to expand what is possible in the performing arts.

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This major combines a strong foundation in computing with the opportunity to acquire a deep knowledge of theatre through curriculum that spans design, performance, and the production of innovative forms of theatre, including interactive media, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and more. It offers both classroom and experiential learning on the creative, social, and technological relationship between theatre and computing.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply a broad and deep knowledge of theatre as an art form to their work, including:
    • Foundational skills in performance, design, and production
    • Comprehensive understanding of theatre history, theory, and literature
    • Oral, visual, written expression of ideas with clarity and originality
  2. Make theatre with integrity
    • Create or interpret a play
    • Collaborate generously
    • Apply a personalized technique to the process of making imaginative, innovative theatre
  3. Make informed choices as theatrical entrepreneurs through professional readiness
  4. Reflect on the cultural, social, and ethical impact and contributions that theatre has made to societies and communities




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