The Department of Theatre is a vibrant community of students, staff, and faculty, guided by values of generosity, integrity, respect, and rigor. As a hub for Creative Practice Research, we are dedicated to theatre and performance both as a living art and as an interdisciplinary system of inquiry.

A Northeastern Theatre education aligns collaborative theatre-making (production, design, and performance) with academic study and practice-based research. Our students develop a rich foundation for meaningful and prosperous careers through experiential learning.


We are committed to the ongoing pursuit of intersectional social and racial justice.


We incorporate diverse methodologies, approaches, and measures of success.


While we engage with the moment in which we live, we are constantly evolving, learning, and adapting.

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CfA Conversations: Ranu Mukherjee

Thursday, October 12, 2023
5:00 pm
Center for Design, Ryder Hall

Shaping a new generation of theatre artists

Meet some of our extraordinary students who are forging innovative ways to explore theatre at the heart of their interdisciplinary interests:


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2023 – 2024 PRODUCTIONS


Written by Bianca Vranceanu (’22)

Directed by Victor Talmadge


October 12 – 22

Studio Theatre




Visit our 23-24 Productions page for more information about all of our productions this year.

Photos, programs, and other information for past productions are available on our Past Productions page.


From Emerita Professor Nancy Kindelan:


This book responds to challenging questions about curricular realignment, especially how a more porous approach to higher education reduces the impact of a “siloed” curriculum, lessens the tendency toward the fragmentation of knowledge, allows for the development of cross-disciplinary explorations, and promotes new approaches to knowledge and creativity through interdisciplinary integrative learning. This volume demonstrates how combining two seemingly disparate cultures helps undergraduate students develop creative mindsets needed for addressing challenging open-ended questions, complex social issues, and non-routine problem-solving. In doing so, this book aims to stimulate discussions about integrative interdisciplinary education between STEM and other fields of performance and performance technologies that have been either overlooked or underdeveloped.



From Assistant Professor Dani Snyder-Young :

IMPACTING THEATRE AUDIENCES:  Methods for Studying Change

This edited collection explores methods for conducting critical empirical research examining the potential impacts of theatrical events on audience members.

Dani Snyder-Young and Matt Omasta present an overview of the burgeoning subfield of audience studies in theatre and performance studies, followed by an introduction to the wide range of ways scholars can study the experiences of spectators. Consisting of chapter-length case studies, the book addresses methodologies for examining spectatorship, including qualitative, quantitative, historical/historiographic, arts-based, participatory, and mixed methods approaches.

This volume will be of great interest to theatre and performance studies scholars as well as industry professionals working in marketing, audience development, and community engagement.



From Professor Sylke Rene Meyer :


An invaluable collection of essays and interviews exploring the business of interactive storytelling, this highly accessible guide offers invaluable insight into an ever-evolving field that is utilizing new spatial and interactive narrative forms to tell stories. This includes new media filmmaking and content creation, a huge variety of analog story world design, extended realities, game design, and virtual reality (VR) design.

The book contains essays written by and interviews with working game designers, producers, 360-degree filmmakers, immersive theatre creators, and media professors, exploring the business side of interactive storytelling – where art meets business. Contributors to this book share their perspectives on how to break into the field; how to develop, nurture, and navigate business relationships; expectations in terms of business etiquette; strategies for contending with the emotional highs and lows of interactive storytelling; how to do creative work under pressure; the realities of working with partners in the field of new media narrative design; prepping for prototyping; writing analog and digital.

This is an ideal resource for students of filmmaking, screenwriting, media studies, RTVF, game design, VR and AR design, theater, and journalism who are interested in navigating a career pathway in the exciting field of interactive storytelling.

“A fascinating set of essays that cover the gamut of interactive storytelling. With a focus on underrepresented perspectives and alternate approaches, it really expands the understanding of what interactive storytelling can be.”
David Tarleton, Director of Graduate Cinema and Television Programs, Columbia College Chicago

PERFORM: Interactive Storytelling for the Screen is a treasure trove of resources for interactive and immersive creators. The essays range from the theoretical to the practical. This is a tool that belongs in the arsenal of every creator in the field.”
John Bucher, PhD, Author, Storytelling for Virtual Reality

At Northeastern, no two student experiences are alike. You choose a personalized path of rich diverse academic, cultural and professional experiences.

Students learn year-round through a personalized path of rich diverse academic, cultural and professional experiences. The chart below is just one example of a four year plan at CAMD. Speak with your advisor to determine a plan that works for you.