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Info For Employers

The CAMD co-op program connects students with employers and serves as a major source of talent for companies throughout Boston, New England, and beyond. Hire a CAMD co-op student and get a creative, highly motivated, full-time worker for six months—all while testing out a potential future employee. To partner with CAMD and become a co-op employer, please contact a co-op coordinator in your field.

Co-op program benefits

Talent pipeline

Cultivate a talented pool of potential future hires with express knowledge and understanding of your operations, and hand pick the best and brightest for full-time positions after graduation.

Outstanding support

A full-time faculty co-op coordinator is assigned to each employer and student cohort, ensuring that the application and selection process—as well as the work experience itself—is successful. Our students bring a fresh perspective, enthusiasm, and knowledge base to any workplace.

Student readiness

In co-op preparatory classes, students assess their interests while exploring career paths and learning the basics of co-op and workplace decorum. On day one of co-op, students are ready and equipped with the skills to hit the ground running. Both on co-op and in the classroom, our students learn to behave like professionals.

Extended employment

Our six-month model allows students to contribute meaningfully to their employers, taking on substantive tasks and longer-term projects that aren’t possible in a traditional 8-12 week summer internship. Hire two candidates to get the equivalent of a year-round employee.

Employer discretion

Our program structure and expert faculty will support you and our students however we can, but it’s your business—which means you’re in control. Establish role-specific candidate criteria and update job descriptions on an ongoing basis, and consult with our faculty co-op coordinators for assistance throughout the process.

Co-op Program Details

Employer FAQs

Questions? Contact us.