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Stitching Earthly Scars

Image from the Stitching Earthly Scars work showcase.
Image from the Stitching Earthly Scars work showcase.

Fall 2020 thru Spring 2022

In the fall of 2020, Meryl drove across the country in an RV exploring the beauty of the United States landscape, but also all the ways in which mankind has destroyed it through climate change. Through this research, she designed a 24-look fashion collection about climate change. After completing that project, Meryl found she had more to say. In the summer of 2021 she constructed twelve of the garments she designed, including printing her own textiles sustainably. She set off in her RV again and filmed actor models wearing her fashion in the places that inspired them. In the spring of 2022 Meryl showed her art exhibition “Stitching Earthly Scars” at her artist studio at the Distillery Gallery. The Exhibition included photographs, her 12 completed looks, and a 60 minute film.


Meryl Prendergast (’22)