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Welcome to the Department of Art + Design. Get ready to tell your story. The Department of Art + Design in Northeastern’s College of Arts, Media and Design delivers the ideal experiential education – one that transforms talented and dedicated students into multidimensional professionals equipped with the skills to succeed in a world that continues to change and challenge.

We educate people to add value and bring ideas to life. Our curriculum forges students into creative champions and cultural entrepreneurs; skilled, productive practitioners; engaged world citizens; and active thought leaders.

Together we explore our intellectual and cultural heritage, cultivate essential skills, and experiment with emergent practices. We evolve the arts, media, and design disciplines in order to enable each student to realize great possibilities in the global marketplace of ideas.

We aspire to ask questions that bring ideas to life, and in doing so we look for the answers that will let us invent and construct better prototypes and archetypes that convey our ideas and concepts and embody the changes that will benefit a global society.

We teach students how to:

  • Cultivate ideas that activate.
  • Discover facts that inform.
  • Create artifacts that fascinate.
  • Tell stories that engage.
  • Express emotions that enrich.
  • Build experiences that inspire.
  • Design systems that serve.
  • Invent form that enables.
  • Imagine art that reveals.
  • Encourage play that delights.

Our graduates are artists, designers, animators, photographers, creative directors, inventors, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, web designers, interaction and information designers, design directors, painters, innovators, sculptors, social network media consultants, illustrators, art directors, industrial designers, user experience designers, founders of start-up companies, and invention strategists.

Dietmar Offenhuber

Chair, Department of Arts + Design
College of Arts, Media and Design
Northeastern University
[email protected]