A Thread, Extended


Line. n.s. [ linea, Latin.]
A thread extended to direct any operations / The string that sustains an angler’s hook / Lineaments, or marks / Extension; limit / Family, ascending or descending

 From geographical surveying to GPS, visual and navigational technologies increasingly delineate our relationships with the natural environment. Freighted with commercial imperatives and colonial histories, such technologies also fail to register the textures of lived experience: memory, sensation, serendipity, desire. In A Thread, Extended, Odette England, Justin Levesque, and Allison Maria Rodriguez explore embodied forms of wayfinding, drawing on familial labor, somatic experience, oral histories, and ecological research to surface the marks we make on the landscape, and how it marks and makes us in return.

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Header Image: Odette England, Red #8 from the series In the Black, In the Red, 2020
Unique gelatin silver print from sewn negative, over-sewn with red thread.