Dream Boston

Candice Camille Jackson, 'Aaron', from the photographic series And They Were Radiant, 2017
Candice Camille Jackson, ‘Aaron,’ from the photographic series ‘And They Were Radiant,’ 2017

In early April 2020, in the midst of a devastating pandemic, The Huntington Theatre asked a group of playwrights to write a short audio play set at a specific location or landmark we long to gather at, with the people we long to gather with, a few years into the future. They called the resulting series of plays Dream Boston.

As summer progressed, and the ongoing movement for racial justice intensified, Dream Boston pulsed with the urgent imagining of a more just and equitable tomorrow. Boston communities voraciously consumed the radio plays, in turn creating, sharing, and asking what the future-we-wish-to-see might ask of us now.

For Gallery 360’s spring 2021 exhibition, Northeastern curator Amy Halliday and Dream Boston playwright Miranda ADEkoje came together to invite visual artists whose work is fundamentally in, of, or for the city to elaborate new dimensions to the original audio project. Through the unique visions of MAR, Furen Dai, Candice Jackson, Woomin Kim, Jane Marsching, Youjin Moon, and Sagie Vangelina, the Gallery becomes a space of projection and possibility. Offering an embodied call-and-response, the artists’ work invites you into dreamscapes variously fantastical, dystopian, hopeful, revolutionary, playful, galvanizing, disarming.

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Top Image: Detail from Woomin Kim’s ‘Urban Nest (Boston),’ found fibers from Boston area, 2017, 65 x 80 inches