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Date and Time

Monday, Jul 11 - Thursday, 14, 2022

9:00 — 7:00 pm





Join us for the 53rd annual international conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA)!

Founded in the seventies, ISAGA is one of the oldest communities of people involved in the domain of gaming and simulation. Its members cover a vast knowledge and tradition in developing and using simulation, gaming, and related methods.

Today, the community spans everything from traditional policy exercises to the latest in interactive technologies. ISAGA is highly relevant in this era of combining computer gaming, interactive media, serious gaming, new learning technologies, and much more in a powerful mix to solve many complex societal challenges. We celebrate this powerful mix this year with our theme “Simulation and Gaming for Social Impact”.

We invite you to attend in person or virtually by registering below:

In-Person Registration  |  Virtual Registration

In-person or virtual, we are really looking forward to welcoming you to ISAGA 2022. Together, we will continue to build the foundations of Simulation and Gaming for Social Impact.

Conference Program

Monday, July 11 – Education & Training Day
  • Opening ceremony
  • Keynote
  • Reception
Tuesday, July 12 – Resilience & Sustainability Day
  • Keynote
  • Poster session
  • Game demo session
Wednesday, July 13 – Health Day
  • Keynote
  • Social program
  • Gala dinner
  • Awards ceremony
Thursday, July 14 – Social Justice Day
  • Keynote
  • A closing ceremony with traditional ISAGA tree planting