• Communication Studies

Elizabeth Glowacki

Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Elizabeth M. Glowacki is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Health Sciences (Bouvé College of Health Sciences) and the Department of Communication Studies (College of Arts, Media and Design) at Northeastern University. Her research interests lie in health communication, message design, persuasion, and mobile health. Her work has appeared in Substance AbuseJournal of Health CommunicationJournal of Language and Social Psychology, and American Journal of Infection Control.

Dr. Glowacki received her doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin and graduated cum laude from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Communication.

She is a member of Health Communication’s editorial board and has taught courses on health promotion, interpersonal communication, interviewing, public speaking, media writing, and intercultural communication. She is also affiliated with the Department of Public Health at Simmons University where she teaches Strategic Communication for Health Equity.

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