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Final Campaign Pitch Competition

Final Campaign Pitch Competition


Students completed three phases of research focus groups (n=13), online surveys (n=191), and message testing experiments (n=60) to tackle sleep deprivation on Northeasterns campus. In their focus groups, Team #NUGotSleep picked up on an understudied component of sleep deprivation among college students: the potentially harmful use of sleeping pills. Moving forward in their project, they leveraged both health behavior change and persuasion theories, along with evidence and statistics from medical literature, to design compelling club cards and an accompanying website to help students find healthier alternatives. Their pitch was dynamic and innovative earning them the highest score (118/125) tabulated by our panel of expert judges from the Communication Studies faculty and our campus partner, University Health & Counseling Services. Next fall, their winning campaign will be disseminated by UHCS to help improve student health outcomes.


Amber Lo, Nicolena Giordano, Taytum Clairmont, Antonia Marulli

Key Details

Susan Mello, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

Class: COMM 4102 Health Communication Campaigns

Spring 2018