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AI Portraits – Mauro Martino

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What is real and what is fiction? The AI Portraits system is trained on millions of photos of actors and actresses. We are using the faces of people in front of the camera to generate portraits with our Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). The result is an image that examines the concept of identity, pushing the boundaries between the individual that recognizes herself/himself and the collection of faces from the society of spectacle that are sedimented in the neural network.

AI Portraits was developed with intent to generate realistic portraits. The level of resemblance of the portrait is high but deliberately not too similar to the starting image, the data (faces of actors and actresses) on which the model was trained re-emerge in portraits. The intention is to share the experience of being portrayed by an AI algorithm, to discover how AI sees you. There is no willingness to improve or deform the starting picture. AI Portraits’ images are completely new and inspired by the face identified in the photos. There are no filters and visual effects, the portrait is generated by our Artificial Intelligence algorithms.



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