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Annual Games Showcase






Apr 23, 2015
6:00 pm
Curry Ballroom

The Annual Showcase of Games at Northeastern is an opportunity for everyone who has made a game, either in class or on their own, to share and play them with the greater university community.  In this yearly arcade and celebration, all attendees will enjoy great games, good food, conversation and ideas for making better games. 

Want to showcase your game? Games made for classes, clubs, research or fun in the 2014/2015 academic year are eligible to apply. By applying, you agree to be available for set up at 5pm and breakdown at 10pm. Apply Here.

Presented by College of Computer and Information Science, College of Arts, Media and Design, Playable Innovative Technologies Lab (PLAIT) and Northeastern Center for the Arts.

6:00 PM – Play Games
7:30 PM – Our Band Could Be Your Life: Stories from Harmonix
8:15 PM – Capstone Pecha Kucha
8:45 PM – Awards Ceremony
9:15 PM – Play More Games

Harmonix Panel

Our Band Could Be Your Life: Stories from Harmonix

Greg LoPiccolo
After a 9-year stint as bassist and songwriter for Boston alt-rock pioneers Tribe, Greg got his start in the games industry doing music scoring and sound design at LookingGlass Studios. After serving as Project Director for Thief: The Dark Project, he moved to Harmonix in 1998, and has been there ever since. He has served  in a variety of roles, including Project Director for FreQuency, Amplitude, Guitar Hero (1), Rock Band (1), and Chroma.  He is currently the Creative Lead on Rock Band 4.

Jonathan Mintz
Jonathan Mintz is a Senior Designer at Harmonix Music Systems, currently on the Amplitude team. He most recently worked as lead designer on Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved for Xbox One and Xbox 360. He was previously at Activision’s Vicarious Visions studio, where he led the design of projects including Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure for Nintendo 3DS, Skylanders: Cloud Patrol for iOS/Android and Guitar Hero for iOS. His credits involve a range of design roles, including narrative, UX and motion control design. Jonathan also worked with a small team at Vicarious Visions to develop Mixed Messages, an original IP for Nintendo DSiWare.

Ryan Lesser
Ryan Lesser is an artist and musician who began his video game career as a co-founder of AVX in 1996, where he developed his first game, The Nile, with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Brian Eno. After creating Shodan for System Shock 2 he was brought in as Art Director for Harmonix where he helped bring to life games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band and now serves as Creative Lead for the new PlayStation title, Amplitude.

Chris Foster
Chris Foster has been a designer and sometimes programmer for over twenty years, working at Impressions Software, Turbine, and now Harmonix. He has was lead designer The Beatles: Rock Band, Project Lead for Green Day: Rock Band, and Lead Content Designer for The Lord of the Rings Online. In his spare time he makes iPad games with his 6-year old son.