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B.A.D. is an exploratory tool for physiological, affect and context data.

The data visualized below contains such body measurements as heart rate, skin temperature, galvanic skin response, number of steps, and number of calories burned. Remaining variables are self-reported measures of my affect, emotions, energy and hunger.

Exploration of these data will aid in revealing relationships between human physiology (e.g., heart rate) and emotional states (e.g., anxiety). The long term goal of this project is to learn how to detect extreme emotional states from physiological data collected using unobtrusive wearable technologies. Such information would help deliver just-in-time health interventions to people with such anxiety-driven conditions as binge eating disorder.

The data was collected using Basis Peak and my experience sampling survey deployed on movisensXS from November 27th to December 3rd 2015.


Maciej Kos

Graduate Student


Maciej Kos, Graduate Student

Siqi Zhu, Advisor