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Boston’s Seaport for How Much Longer?

A group of students from the School of Journalism spent their semester learning about and researching water in our very own city of Boston. They completed six individual projects, coming together to form The City of Water, which discusses everything from the issues with water infrastructure and who it hurts, to marine life and how it is affected by pollution, to the Boston Harbor’s history, hidden below the surface.
Students Camilla Mayol, Emily Newell, Laura Rodriguez, Gabriella Scarpa explored how rising climates are going to affect Boston’s Seaport, with the prediction that it will eventually be overtaken with flooding. They spoke with Richard McGuinness, deputy director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, who hopes to help mitigate the damage done by climate change. Check out the full project here.


Camilla Mayol, Emily Newell, Laura Rodriguez, Gabriella Scarpa: