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Capstone Productions – Spring 2023

Capstone Productions – Spring 2023

Original scripts written, directed, and produced by students

Over the years, theatre majors have concluded their undergraduate experience with a Capstone Project in the department’s production program. In more recent years, under the guidance of Professor Dani Snyder-Young, we have shifted the scope of these projects to include a clear articulation of a thesis and a significant research paper to accompany it. This year, we present the first-ever Capstone Festival: a collection of brand-new creative practice research projects independent from our traditional productions.

We are excited to welcome you into the Ryder Theatre Lab to witness the amazing final works of these six students. They make us proud.

-Antonio Ocampo-Guzman, Department Chair

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Choose & Celebrate:  Inspired by Gay Community News

Written by Catherine Giorgetti (’23) & Directed by Devin Whitney (’23)

In 1973 Boston, Teresa grapples with the realities of gay life: how to support her best friends Eric and Christopher in their union ceremony, how to deal with a homophobic straight friend who doesn’t get her, and what to do when violence permeates her community.



Written and Directed by Julia Lee (’23)

Inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Changeling gives voice to the unheard and unseen Boy at the center of Titania and Oberon’s most recent martial spat. Boy explores his words and identity alongside the woods of Faerie in a coming-of-age story about defining humanity among the fantastical.


Solid Ground

Written by Sydney Love (’24) & Directed by Sydney Malony (’22)

When a family emergency strikes a small town café, the baristas, kitchen staff, and regulars worry about the future of the shop and what it’s closure would mean for the community.


Remembrance of the Living

Written & Performed by Daniel Lutz (’23)

Directed by Madi Vespa (’22)

Dan, death, and more Dan. It’s not Everyman, it’s EveryDan.


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