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Group and Interpersonal

ARTG 6600 Experience Design Studio 2

This course is grounded in rhetoric and offers students an opportunity to learn a human-centered design perspective in the complex context of interpersonal and group interactions. Students study the person-to-person aspect of experience design through readings and in-class activities, as well as practice applying its perspectives, models, and theories to two group projects that aim to nurture the autonomy of stakeholders and citizens.

Class Activities

Student works: Project 1

In the first project, “Designing a Gift,” students design an “experience” as a personalized gift for individuals who are different from them.

Rebecca and Deirdre designed a service to allow a person to leave their legacy in the form of an experience. Lena bequeaths her property in a last will to her friend Marcus. Mateo, a local minister, assists in this process. The service system, which includes digital and non-digital components, helps Lena and Mateo organize the experiences for Marcus. Along with Lena’s assets, the will provides funding for life coaching, lawyer consultations, and financial advising so that Marcus can achieve his dream of starting his own business.

Project 1

Student works: Project 2

The second project is “Mediating a Conflict.” Student teams select controversial service situations, in which more than two individuals/groups with conflicting values are involved. They use rhetorical perspectives, models, and processes to mediate the controversies.

Team Thestral focused on the issue of the dignified end-of-life experience. Starting from interviews with diverse stakeholders working in the “eld of end-of-life care, the team designed a museum experience where visitors can learn how death has been understood differently throughout history and across cultures. Visitors are afforded the opportunity to heal from their experiences of losing loved ones and to engage in public discussions about how to make dying a more dignified experience.

Project 2