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Leveraging information to improve healthcare experience

Design of Information-Rich Environments (Course Fall 2018)

The Fall 2018 version of Design of Information-Rich Environments led by Paul Kahn focused on a universal topic: the current state of American healthcare. Students from Experience Design and Information Design & Visualization joined forces to explore ways to combine personal healthcare data and clinical information, seeking opportunities to improve our healthcare experience. A series of individual rapid weekly assignments explored analysis and visualization techniques that we combined in a set of team project presentations.

Students created their own healthcare experience stories, then used customer journey map technique to represent the current and future state, identifying areas for improvement. They explored ways to improve the current medical billing process. After designing personal health records, they used this personalized information to augment a Find A Doctor application.

Guest lectures added insight into legal and clinical healthcare challenges. Piotr Kazmarek, Senior UX Design for Philips, shared insights from developing solutions for hospital staff. A lecture by Dr. Adrian Grouper, CEO of HealthURL Consulting, presented a way of treating patient privacy rights as a set of policy decision options that can be built into any healthcare application. Dr. Ilana Kahn, Clinical Director for Neuroimmunology at the Children’s National Hospital DC, shared her experience with recording patient data in Electronic Medical Records and the survey process behind the Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Score.

Five teams of students presented final projects addressing issues for specific conditions (asthma in children, rheumatoid arthritis), healthcare needs in shelters during disasters, a personal health navigator to manage interactions between patients and doctors, and changes to appointment protocols and waiting room design for a university health service.