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Media Advocacy Students work on Emancipator Feature

Students at the School of Journalism’s created a powerful project as part of the Media Innovation and Data Communication Program. The three-part series on restorative justice is created by a Media Innovation Studio Class. The project was previously housed at The Boston Globe, aimed at a national audience but now lives on The Emancipator’s site which is a “reimagining of the first abolitionist newspaper in the United States with a focus on explaining and identifying solutions to structural racism” Student interviewed defendants, victims, families and court officials inside a program that allowed selected defedants to avoid jail time if they participated in training, drug and mental health care and reckoning with the people that were harmed by their actions.

Students created video, audio and photography, built data visualizations and an innovative multimedia design. To see their work, check out the links below!

Work by: Pavithra Rajesh, Elijiah Nicholson-Messmer, Kaitlyn Fiery, Shuang Jing, Benjamin Tan, Rui Sun, Kelly Chan, Leon Jones III, Jiajia Liu, Ziyu Peng, Jieyi Zhou, Ryan Di Corpo, Oishika Hota, Jiayi Hao, Chang Liu and Ian Weinman


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The Project

Can restorative justice break the cycle of mass incarceration?


Choosing redemption over imprisonment

The RISE program is showing how restorative justice can be a successful alternative to mass incarceration.

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Rewriting Retribution

By repairing harm with families and communities, restorative justice has the power to heal and break the cycle of crime.

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Expanding the circle

Restorative justice programs can be successful alternatives to incarceration, but experts argue there is a long way to go before they become a large-scale solution.

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