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More than meets the data – MFA 2016 thesis show

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The Information Design and Visualization MFA class of 2016 presents MORE THAN MEETS THE DATA. Graduates present posters, video and interactive applications that will inform and surprise you. Face your fear of great horror films. Explore the sounds of Boston’s North End. Unfold a thousand years of Chinese books. Visualize the patient experience of illness. Explore visual images of Antarctica with the wave of your hand. Compare the kung fu styles of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Rethink the impact of pre-experience in personal finance. See the evolution of a video game interface. These innovative presentation challenge our expectations of how information design and data visualization can help us understand the world around us.


IDV Students


Xiangyi Fu

Jessica Hopkins

Xuan Zhang

Jin Wang

Skye Morét

Xiaxin Chen

Mahima Pushkarna

Yangdong Ye

Production Assistance

Armin Akhavan
Kirsten Tanjutco
Paul Kahn
Thom Starr
Chris Franson