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Optimism and Anxiety: Views on the Impact of AI

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A new national survey commissioned by Northeastern University and conducted by Gallup finds most U.S. adults have an overall positive view of artificial intelligence, but believe they are ill-prepared to deal with AI’s expected impact on the global digital economy.

Between Sept. 15 and Oct. 10, 2017 Gallup and Northeastern University conducted a mail survey of 3,297 U.S. adults. This survey covered a wide range of topics related to artificial intelligence (AI), including perceptions of the impact on people’s lives and their work, educational choices they may make in response to this economic revolution, and potential interventions from higher education, government and private industry.

This project visualizes some key findings from this study, aiming to provide a balance between explanatory and exploratory visualization practices. Means, demographic subgroups, and gaps between subgroups are often displayed in tandem to provide context and show distributions. Some visuals combine responses to multiple survey questions into one view to create additional levels of meaning.

IDV MFA graduate Lia Petronio, now working for the Northeastern News Office, has created stunning visualizations unpacking the results.


Lia Petronio