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Saddle Patch Brewing Co. Branding

Link to Halley Husted’s projects here!

The brief: create a brand identity for a Vancouver brewery.

In this exercise, I designed the brand identity using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. I also wrote the copy for the naming scheme. I began by thoroughly researching Vancouver and intrinsic components of the city. To me, the most-interesting and inspiring piece of information I found was regarding the high population of killer whales in the area. I also adore the Digital Orca sculpture on the pier of the city, which is what inspired most of the design collateral.

I then began to explore several routes resembling the cubic geometry displayed in the sculpture; since I decided the brand would be geometrically driven, I decided to also look to Bauhaus for inspiration—mainly, old Bauhaus posters. Once I compiled my research and inspiration, I created a mood board to set the tone. After, I brainstormed: in the beginning I focused on the logo, which would be the center of the brand. I used multiple logo directions to drive type and color explorations, which led to can design iterations from there. The final logo and can design ultimately guided the direction of the entire identity.


Halley Husted