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Small, Dangerous, and Everywhere


A group of students from the School of Journalism spent their semester learning about and researching water in our very own city of Boston. They completed six individual projects, coming together to form The City of Water, which discusses everything from the issues with water infrastructure and who it hurts, to marine life and how it is affected by pollution, to the Boston Harbor’s history, hidden below the surface.

Students Trea Lavery, Anisha Samant, Max Schochet, and Naomi Silver have been researching microplastics and their prevalence in the water supply. Caused by pollution in the water, microplastics come in a range of sizes that sit in the ocean. However, microplastics are also found in the water we use for drinking, bathing, and many other places. Though it has been known for years that microplastics are harmful to marine life, scientists are just beginning to study how they affect human life and health. Check out the full project here.


Journalism Students


Trea Lavery, Anisha Samant, Max Schochet, and Naomi Silver