Graduate Resources & Policies

CAMD provides the resources and information you need to take charge of your path through your graduate studies, both in and out of the classroom. If you have any questions, please contact Moki Smith, Graduate Student Services Manager, at [email protected].

At CAMD, students self-register for core classes and electives using myNortheastern. CAMD operates on an early registration system. The Office of the University Registrar provides registration dates, procedures, and general information, including the Banner Course Catalog and Class Schedule. Classes for fall semester are chosen in March, classes for spring semester are chosen in November, and classes for the summer sessions are chosen in February. Please note: A maximum of eight elective credit hours may be taken outside of CAMD. Any elective credit hours above this limit will not count toward your degree.

To learn about the requirements for student conduct, academic life, and the responsibilities of students and the college to one another, please check out the CAMD Graduate Programs General Regulations e-booklet.


Complete program information and course descriptions for all divisions of CAMD can be found in the University Graduate Catalog. The catalog also contains Northeastern’s primary statements about student conduct, academic life, and the responsibilities of students and the university to one another, as authorized by the President or the Board of Trustees. University handbooks are not intended to be and should not be regarded as contractual. The information in the handbooks is subject to change at the discretion of the university.

Email Moki Smith at [email protected] if you have questions about the forms and information below.


Leave of Absence

Requests for non-medical leaves of absence should be submitted to your department prior to the start of the semester for which the leave is being requested. The form, which is appropriate for all non-medical leaves, is accessible on myNortheastern. Select “Registrar Forms” once you are logged in.


Transfer Credit

The transfer credit form must be completed by students who wish to transfer credits from an accredited U.S. institution or from the College of Professional Studies.


Transfer credit allows a student to reduce the total number of credit hours required to complete their Northeastern degree.  Please note that transfer credit is not accepted for certificate programs.


To have transfer credits approved, students must submit official transcripts to CAMD Graduate Studies within 30 days of matriculation. Up to nine semester hours of credits from another institution can be counted toward a Master’s degree (including course credit from Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies).


Credits transferred must:

  • Have a grade of B (3.00) or better
  • Be graduate level
  • Have been earned at a U.S. accredited institution
  • Have not been used toward any other degree

Course to be transferred must have been completed within five years of the date the request is made.



Students must complete the Individual Instruction Registration form via myNortheastern (under Registrar Form) prior to the start of the semester in which they intend to enroll. Specifics such as reading lists, reading assignments and deliverables, and the grading method must be provided by the instructor.  Once the form has been approved by the instructor, your graduate program coordinator and the CAMD Graduate Student Services Manager, it will be processed by the Registrar’s Office.  You will receive a confirmation email from the Registrar’s Office when the class is created and added to your schedule.

Address Change

If your address changes, please update through

myNortheastern, notify your department, and

email CAMD Graduate Studies at [email protected].


University Health and Counseling Services

Fostering an environment in which high priority is given to personal health and well-being supports the overall commitment of CAMD and Northeastern University to help students reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. University Health and Counseling Services delivers excellent medical care, psychological services, and preventive education to enable students to take responsibility for their own health.