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Congratulations to the 2019 School of Architecture Award winners! Thanks to all the students and faculty who came out last week in support of this event. Students are nominated by their faculty members for these awards and are recognized for design excellence as well as academic excellence. Below is a list of all the award recipients for the 2018-19 academic year.

ARCH 1110/1120
Sterling Yun
Marie Davis

ARCH 2130/2140
Adrian Ramon
Rebecca Eberlien

ARCH 3170
Giorgia de Simone (not pictured)
Jennea Pillay (not pictured)

ARCH 5115
Laura Gomez
Shawn Sullivan

ARCH 5120
Leah Karmaker + Joric Barber (not pictured)
Rachel Berman (not pictured) + Sam Shpall

LARCH 5120
Anastasia Piacentini

Master of Architecture Studio
Joshua Friedman

Michael Dietz (not pictured)

Master of Design/Sustainable Urban Environments Studio
Priyanka Menon
Michael Franceschi

GPA Award
Abigail Reed

Architectural Studies Award
Danielle Reid

Bacon Book Award
Mickaella Pharaon (not pictured)

Portfolio Awards
Honorable Mention
Nicole Lee, Abigail Reed

First Prize
Alya Abourezk

Alpha Rho Chi Medal
Alya Abourezk

King Medal
Abigail Reed

Henry Adams Medal
Jonathan Corriveau (not pictured)