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Photo: Haux / Woodson Black.

Alumnus Woodson Black, who graduated from the Department of Music and performs as Haux, is releasing his debut album, Violence in a Quiet Mind. The album is deeply personal and reflects trauma and complicated – and often tragic – family dynamics, while searching for empathy and reconnection. The album’s songs each represent childhood and familial experiences, often dripping with sadness, but still maintaining a hopeful undertone. A recent article in Pop Matters explores the meaningful background stories behind each song, and the overarching themes the album addresses.

Haux has released two EPs, All We’ve Known (2016) and Something to Remember (2018). He has collaborated with well-known musicians, such as Kygo, with whom he created the song Only Us.

Violence in a Quiet Mind will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, among others. In an interview with VMAN, Haux described, “This album means so much to me. It’s incredibly personal—it’s the first time I’ve taken ownership of the stories I’m telling in the songs.”

Check it out here.