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Zack Richmond is a Music Industry student who is currently interning with Universal Pictures in the Film Music Department, on the Music Publishing team. Since moving online, Zack has still been able to stay in close contact with his team and maintain productive workflows, despite some typical working-from-home challenges like time differences!

We recently caught up with him to learn more about his transition to online, how his team is staying in-touch, and how Zack is staying motivated. Read more below.

Tell us about your position and role!

I work for Universal Pictures in the Film Music Publishing Department. Our team is responsible for maintaining and managing the rights of music assets owned by the film studio. Our catalog is derived from music IP as a result of the studio owning the music from our movies throughout the 100+ year history of the studio. My role is to assist the publishing department with whatever tasks they need such as updating and maintaining our internal licensing database, various music rights research projects, and overall promotion of our film music catalog.

How has your co-op changed since it’s moved online?

The Film Music Team has stayed very connected and overall has been able to keep up our workflow and productivity to the same standard as when we were all in the office.
“Luckily, I am able to do almost all of my responsibilities from my home computer so the switch to working from home has not been too bad.”
My main change in my job has been my hours. Before, when in the office, I was working three days per week, eight hours per day. Now, I have shifted to working shorter days over the course of the entire week while still keeping my set weekly hours the same. I have enjoyed this shift as I feel even more in touch with the daily tasks of the team despite not being directly in the office.

What digital tools is your co-op company using to keep everyone productive and on-the-same-page?

Our company is using many tools to keep working from home as easy as possible. I use a virtual desktop to access my work network, which has been very easy to use from my personal laptop. The Film Music Department has been utilizing virtual office software such as Microsoft Teams and WebEx to help people stay connected. Additionally, my team has been having daily conference calls to check in and stay present as much as possible. They have done a great job with the transition to working from home.

Has there been anything unexpected for you as you transitioned your role online?

Since Universal Pictures is based out of Los Angeles, California, I was initially working from my LA apartment. However, due to the virus, I had to move back home to my house in Boston. My team did a great job of making sure I am still able to contribute and keep up my work from home despite being all the way over here on the east coast. I have not found it too hard to stay connected with the team.

During this difficult time, how are you staying motivated and inspired?

I am making sure to check in with my team every day even when projects may run slow. I think the best way to stay motivated is to stay involved as much as possible and ask for work wherever I can. In a way, working from all the way across the country from my team, even though everyone is online, has also made me more motivated to keep up a good work ethic and stay connected even more than ever.
“I love the work I have been doing and my team has been great at keeping morale up and really instilling the point that we are all doing this together and will get through it!”
I feel very lucky that I am able to continue my co-op and take every work day as a chance to learn and stay as connected as I can.