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150 Media Stream installation at Riverside Investment and Development in Chicago, IL.

Annually, the Society of Typographic Arts honors 100 examples of “typographic excellence,” and we are excited to announce that a CAMD alumnus was featured this year.

The Narrative design studio, founded and led by CAMD alumnus Daniel McManus, who studied art and graphic design, was included on this year’s list. The firm was recognized for its brand identity work on the “150 Media Stream” project, designed for Riverside Investment and Development in Chicago.

We asked Daniel to tell us what made this project most notable and rewarding for him.

“The 150 Media Stream project was unique for The Narrative, because it is a one of a kind Chicago landmark—a sculptural wall consisting of 92 LED screens, that span 150 feet in length and 22 feet in height that features internationally renowned media artists,” he explained. “There was no traditional product or service to brand, but we set out to design a brand identity that would be distinct, adaptable, and work effectively with the ever-changing artistic styles for many years to come. To achieve this, we focused the design on the sculptural quality of the installation to create a typographic treatment that expresses the individuality of each blade as well as their unified rhythm.”

For a full rundown of this project on the STA website, visit here.

“We were thrilled at this creative challenge, and are pleased that the final identity reflects the energy, movement and imagination of the 150 Media Stream,” Daniel concluded.

From all of us at the College of Arts, Media and Design, we congratulate Daniel on this accomplishment and look forward to his firm’s future success!

The Narrative on instagram @thenarrativedesign