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College of Arts, Media and Design Associate Professor Kristian Kloeckl, Program Head for the Experience Design graduate offerings, recently spoke at “Future of Our Cities | Converging Generations,” a one-day ThinkTank that brought together students and faculty from local universities, thought leaders across disciplines, design professionals, community partners, and city representatives. The event, hosted at Workbar’s new space in Back Bay, challenged participants to question assumptions, explore new possibilities, and work together to spark ideas and inspirations to envision the “Future of Our Cities” for all generations.

The event represented an exciting and unique opportunity to strengthen collaborations and partnerships between the academic community and industry, both key groups in igniting positive change. This convening of innovative minds worked to develop future scenarios to give more insights across disciplines and sectors.

In his talk, Kristian discussed the future of creative work as a dynamic situated at the intersection of a workplace and the public realm. A physical as well as conceptual space determined less by controlled access and planned work processes and instead leveraging situated action and improvisation to reveal new value from unexpected and unpredictable interactions. An argument that Kristian made as part of his work on ‘the urban improvise’.

CAMD is proud to have had a faculty member represented at this forward-thinking event. The ideas that came out of this event were engaging, inspiring, and will hopefully help to activate real initiatives. Please click here to view more of the photos from the event.

Photos used in article courtesy of Accelerate Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center.