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To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Emerald Necklace Conservatory, guest curator Jen Mergel is producing an exhibition, titled Fog x FLO by artist Fujiko Nakaya located along the Emerald Necklace park system. Opening in August, this exhibition will serve as the location Northeastern composer and sound artist Beau Kenyon’s performance of the SOUND [if trees were water]
As part of this exhibition in the Emerald Necklace, Northeastern University Architecture Professors Paxton and Sylvia Ilia Sheldahl’s design firm BosUA are designing the transformation of the Shattuck Gate House into a gallery space, with the inaugural exhibition being an exhibition on the work of Fujiko Nakaya. Northeastern Architecture/Experience Design Professor Kristian Kloeckl is a key member of the project’s Design Advisory Committee, advising on the design of the physical and digital interface/user-experience of the whole installation. And Northeastern Architecture Professor Dan Adams’ design firm Landing Studio will be designing a new wayfinding system for the Fujiko Nakaya installation throughout the Emerald Necklace, which is a pilot study for future signage and wayfinding.